3 easy ways to stand out in a job interview

If you are job-seeker, your main task for any job interview is to show yourself as a professional. But there are many worthy applicants, therefore the second most important thing in an interview is to be remembered. You must stand out and show your best side, draw attention to yourself, so that at the end of all interviews and dozens of applicants this is you whom the interviews will remember best of all.

This short article provides 3 simple tips to impress and stay memorable.

  1. Sincerity and positive

A smile on the face of the interlocutor pushes you to smile back, cheers you up, and the good is always remembered better. A positive person makes a light and warm impression, and therefore a positive trace in memory.

success in a job interview

Be cheerful and positive! Everyday normality is not remembered. Perhaps being serious you want to show how professional you are, but there are many serious applicants, and your task is to become the only one to remember from all of them.

Every employer wants a passionate person to work for them. Therefore, your sincere interest in the vacancy, your desire to get a job in this particular company, for this position, your enthusiasm will add a lot of points to you in the eyes of an HR-agent. Love this job and, most importantly, do not forget to show this love. Demonstrate enthusiasm, candle eyes, positive attitude and you will definitely be remembered.

  1. Don’t be afraid to show yourself as a personality

On the other side of the interview table, there is a person like you. And, of course, it is more pleasant for him or her to talk also with a live person, and not with a robot. Don’t be afraid to show that you are a personality with your own desires and interests, and not just a “machine for work.”

Remember, an HR agent has to talk to many candidates for the position and must remember you. So be bright. Pay attention to your appearance. A well-groomed, tidy, well-dressed person makes a positive impression. And also pay attention to the image that you want to create. An interesting story about yourself will set you apart from the crowd and clearly “catch” attention.

show yourself as a personality

Do not neglect the preparation for the interview: tell a vivid story about yourself, your experience and work, remember some interesting cases from practice, and not just dryly list the facts of your biography.

  1. A letter of thanks after the interview

There are usually many applicants for a job. And as a rule, HR agents have a lot of work: today they need to make 8 of interviews, tomorrow 9, and yesterday 7. And they have to look through many resumes and reply hundreds of emails. With such a workflow, all names, faces and images of candidates merge into one gray mass. HR agents are ordinary people and they forget things. They may forget about you. Imagine that in such a situation, an agent receives a message from the applicant: “Thank you very much for your time yesterday. I enjoyed talking to you, you have nice employees and great company. I hope to hear from you soon. ”

Agree, it is pleasant to receive such a letter. In addition, this is a way to competently and unusually remind about yourself. Why not use it?

A letter of thanks after the interview

After an interview, an applicant only has to wait for the result and the call. And sometimes for quite a long time. If after a day or two you send such a small letter of thanks, then you not only remind about yourself, but also confirm your positive image, show yourself as an energetic, active person. This small tip can help turn the scales for accepting you for the position as the right and suitable candidate.

Use these 3 small tips. They are easy and cost you nothing. But they can make the difference.

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