How to prepare for your aptitude test in a couple of days: 5 important tips

To fully prepare for your pre-employment aptitude tests, you need to practice all types of psychometric tests widely used by employers:

  • numeric reasoning;
  • verbal reasoning;
  • abstract reasoning;
  • situational judgement tests (cases, assessment);
  • general knowledge tests.

This comprehensive work can take about one week for each type of test. Most applicants do not have such a long time to prepare. Sometimes a vacancy becomes known in just a couple of days. However, don’t panic. Even in these tight deadlines, you can actually prepare for your aptitude tests to score high. We are sure that you can fully prepare for aptitude tests within 4-5 days.

We are Aptitude-Tests-Practice have prepared for you general principles of sprint preparation for your aptitude testing and tips on how to optimize this process.

  1. Determine the test types used by your employer and their developer

It is necessary to find out what types of psychometric tests are waiting for you. You can find this information either from the employer’s HR, on job-search forums or on our website in the Employers section.

aptitde tests by employer

If you do not know the exact types of tests, then use the general rules. The difficulty level of the tests and the time for practicing depends on the job requirements of your vacancy, as well as the industry.

If you are applying for the position of a line specialist (salesperson, accountant, controller), then you need to practice just numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests. Most likely you will not have to take abstract reasoning tests, situational judgement tests or any other types of aptitude tests.

If you apply for a managerial position (administrator or store manager, department head or site manager), then you will most probably have to pass situational judgement tests, and there may also be case studies and assessments. This is especially important for the FMCG industry. In FMCG even linear employees of sales and marketing departments need to take all types of aptitude tests, assessments and interviews.

If you are planning to work in banking, consulting, audit, finance or any top-level management, then your aptitude test will most likely have all kinds of tests and will have maximum difficulty.

Try to find information on the aptitude test developer that your employers use. This can be very important because they are different. More details about test developers and lists of companies in the article Features of SHL, Talent Q, Saville, KENEXA aptitude tests.

  1. Select the right website for your practice

There are dozens of websites offering their services for you to practice aptitude tests to get a job. The difference between them can be in the following points:

– In the way of providing training materials. Please note that some websites offer to download some software with aptitude tests. It can be installed only on one computer (laptop), but it is impossible to use it online from any device (for example, in parallel to study from a phone).

At Aptitude-Tests-Practice you can practice at any time convenient for you from any device. The only condition is Internet access.

– In number and types of aptitude test for practicing

Check the websites for aptitude tests practice for the number and types of tests they provide. Check all of their free tests to understand what tests companies (Like CEB SHL, Talent Q and others) and what types of aptitude tests they offer. If a website does not have free tests, this is a bad sign. Aware of scams on the Internet. There exist fake websites that say to sell you something but in fact having no real product and you can never get your money back.

the right website for aptitude tests practice

On Aptitude-Tests-Practice you will find over 1000 of aptitude tests of all most popular types:

  • numerical reasoning;
  • verbal reasoning;
  • abstract reasoning;
  • situational judgement tests and for managers, office positions, sales and support.

Check our numerous free tests to see the quality and practice for free. We have about 75 free tests of every type!

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  1. Make a plan for your practice

After registering on our website, we recommend taking all types of available aptitude tests in the exam mode with a time limit. This will help you identify your weak points. If you have difficulty with numerical or verbal reasoning tests, it is this type of tests that you should more practice more and longer.

Your most important task while practicing is understanding, not memorization.

To prepare for one type of test, you must pass at least:

  • 3 tests of each type in the training mode without time limit, checking the correct answers with an explanation;
  • 1 test of each type in exam mode with a time limit.

For example, abstract tests are represented by 3 types of tests: odd one out, next in series and matrices. That is, in total, you need to pass at least 12 tests. On average, one test contains 20 questions, about 240 questions in total.

Make a plan for your practice

We recommend that you do not switch from one type of test to another at the same time. If you practice abstract tests “Odd one out”, then take all the planned 3 tests of this type in training mode. Then check your knowledge by taking this test in exam mode. And only then proceed to work with the next type of test.

  1. Don’t forget about rest and proper nutrition

When preparing a plan for your practice, consider your personal peaks of activity. For example, most people are most productive at 8-11AM but get tired and sleepy in the afternoon.

During your practice find a quiet place, turn off instant messengers, TV, music. Ask your family members not to distract you for some time.

Get the right tools: paper, pens, calculator and a dictionary if English is not your native language.

Make 5-minute breaks between each test you take for a little warm-up (stretching, meditation) or snack (nuts, home cheese, whole grain bread, cheese, and eggs are ideal for this). Do not overuse coffee or energy drinks.

Don’t miss a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. If, in the normal mode of the day, skipping meals will not have a significant effect on your well-being, then with such preparation, the body needs a constant “refueling” of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maintain efficiency. Don’t overeat, or you will feel sleepy.

proper nutrition

Get a good 7-8 hour night’s sleep. After all, sleep is the main assistant in consolidating information in long-term memory. It is better to go to bed no later than 23PM so that the body can rest. Before going to bed, it is advisable to take a walk in the fresh air.

In the morning, you can use natural energetics like an extract of Eleutherococcus and ginseng. If there are no contraindications, put a glycine tablet under your tongue 30 minutes before bedtime.

  1. Most important: do not delay the start of your practice

If it’s hard for you, start with what is easier and more successful for you. Motivate yourself with the results you get. This is not a school where tomorrow you have to answer at the blackboard. This is your life, where you answer only to yourself.

start practicing now

The more you practice, the better result you get. If you have to take an aptitude test with your employer in a few days, start practicing right now to waste no time and you will get the job!

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