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Boeing: about the company, its employment process, aptitude tests and job interviews

Boeing (The Boeing Company) is the world’s largest aerospace company. This is a manufacturer of civil and military aircraft, spacecraft, aviation equipment, robotics and related products and services. Boeing is headquartered in Chicago, USA, and its main manufacturing facility is in Seattle and the state of Washington, USA. Boeing is one of the 12 largest US companies with 138,000 employees as of early 2021.

The corporation consists of two main production divisions: Boeing Commercial Airplanes, which produces civilian products, and Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, a division for the development and production of military aircraft. Boeing is one of the main contractors for the US military-industrial complex.

Boeing’s products are widely known all over the world. These are passenger and cargo airliners of various sizes, types and modifications. Boeing’s military products are no less famous: bombers, helicopters and drones. The main competitor to Boeing in the production of civil aircraft is the European concern Airbus. Besides Airbus large competitors of Boeing are located in China and Russia.

Situation in Boeing in 2020 and 2021

The company has long been a leading manufacturer of civil aircraft, producing 2 aircraft daily. But after several plane crashes of the flagship model Boeing 737 MAX in 2018-19 and the crisis caused by the 2020 pandemic and the fall of the air transportation market, in 2020, for the first time since 1962, the company found itself in a situation where the number of orders for new aircraft turned out to be around zero. In this situation Airbus intercepted many orders what made the situation even worse for Boeing. Since April 2019, the company’s activities have become unprofitable, and the whole of 2020 turned out to be disastrous for financial reporting. The situation was mainly saved by massive investments under military contracts. Under Trump and at first under Biden, the US military-industrial complex is flooded with money. The company also went on to cut the most expensive part of the management team, refuse to pay dividends and borrow from outside. This helped to rectify the situation in 2021. The company saved all of its staff and overcame the financial problems.

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How to get a job at Boeing

Boeing posts its open positions on the global portal. The company also has its profiles on almost all major job search engines, but the official instructions recommend applying for a job through the official Boeing website. To apply, you need to register and enter your contact and personal data.

If you apply from outside of the USA, you must prove knowledge of English at the Upper-Intermediate level. To work in a production unit, knowledge of the language is desirable for line positions and mandatory for executives.

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Pre-employment process at Boeing

The Boeing recruitment process consists of the following steps:

  • Online Application. Your application, resume and profile are first checked by the Taleo Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To prevent your profile from being lost of marked as inappropriate, be sure to include keywords and required competencies in your resume. You can read more about this in our articles What is ATS and why you need to know about it when applying for a job and How to look for a job on the Internet
  • Telephone Interview. Next, a Boeing representative will call you for a short 10–20-minute conversation. The questions in this interview are designed to check the details of your resume and make a first impression about you.
  • Aptitude tests. Depending on the position you are applying for, you may need to take various psychometric aptitude tests. These can be numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, abstract reasoning tests, situational judgement tests, etc.
  • Job interview. You can meet with panel interviews, group interviews, or multiple one-on-one interviews. If you apply for a senior positions you will most probably have 3 job interviews with different managers of the company.
  • Background check and security check. Boeing strives to hire not only the most qualified, but also the safest candidates. So be prepared to go through background checks and checks for drugs, criminal convictions, addictions, and references from previous employers.

Boeing psychometric aptitude tests

Different job at Boeing may include different aptitude tests. The standard assessment for most jobs includes cognitive aptitude tests (numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning), situational judgement test and personality questionnaire. Jobseekers for positions in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance also need to take a mechanical aptitude test.

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Numerical reasoning test measures your ability to quickly and accurately calculate percentages, ratios, additions, and subtractions. The data in numerical reasoning test is always presented in the form of diagrams, graphs or tables. Time limit to find the answer is usually 60-90 seconds. Read more about numerical reasoning tests and see their examples in our article Numerical Reasoning Tests: what they are, examples, solutions and tips to pass them

Verbal reasoning test measures your reading skills and determines how well you can understand information from complex texts. The questions represent a few short paragraphs. You are to use the information provided to determine if the statement of the test is true, false, or there is not enough information to make a decision. You can find out more about verbal reasoning tests in our article Verbal reasoning tests: what are they and how to pass them

Situational judgement tests are a mandatory part of initial testing at Boeing, especially for office and management personnel. These psychometric tests determine the specific skills and experience required for a certain job. Situational judgement tests represent situations that can occur in the workplace and 4-5 options for actions that can be taken in such a situation. Which answer you choose can tell a lot about your skills and experience. Read more about situational judgement tests in our special articles:

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Another important step in Boeing aptitude testing is the personality questionnaire. This is not even a test, but just a set of statements from which you have to choose the ones that describe you best and those that don’t suit you. Below is an example of a question from SHL OPQ32 personality questionnaire for Boeing.

personality-opq-sample-question shl aptitude tests

Mechanical aptitude test

Applicants for the positions of Engineers and Service Technicians will be asked to take a mechanical aptitude test. Unlike the situational judgement and personality tests, the mechanical aptitude test is a test of knowledge. Questions will be related to the laws of classical mechanics. The mechanical aptitude test includes the following possible topics: levers, gravity, pressure, pulleys, springs, gears, magnetism and electricity.

Boeing job interview

At your Boeing job interview, you should expect questions that relate to your experience and your competencies, such as working with colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers, problem solving skills, etc. Think in advance the answers about your experience in dealing with the competencies they looking for at Boeing.

During the interview, you will be asked to talk about examples when you solved some specific problems and achieved a result. In such answers, we recommend using the STAR model: situation, task, action, result.

To prepare for your Boeing job interview, read our articles on good interview tactics:

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boeing jobs aptitude tests job interview

Boeing is one of the largest international technology conglomerates. In many ways, it is a leading company in the aircraft manufacturing market. Boeing in the United States and many other countries of its operation offers interesting jobs, decent pay, good colleagues and clear prospects for growth and development.

If you want to work for Boeing, we recommend that you prepare well for aptitude tests and job interviews. On Aptitude-Tests-Practice you will find all types of psychometric tests and knowledge base you need to fully prepare for Boeing aptitude tests.

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