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Citibank: everything you wanted to know about employment and getting a job

Citibank (Citi, Citi Bank, Citigroup) is one of the largest international banks in terms of total assets (13th place with $1,842 trillion at the end of 2019). Citi has branches in 103 countries and employs over 215,000 people as of early 2020. Citibank is the core structure of Citigroup – a large financial corporation started in 1812 in New York, USA.

Working in Citibank

Like many US companies operating worldwide, Citibank has an American management style. This is reflected in a well-built training system for employees, a comfortable corporate culture, good human relations in the team and a transparent career growth.

citibank working in an office

However, at Citibank, as in the banking industry as a whole, there is a general tendency towards an increase in the workload on staff amid lagging pay growth. The problems in Citi are the same as in many branches of many other banks:

  • high sales plans
  • chronic long hours
  • low starting wages
  • systems of penalties
  • not always comfortable working conditions

Many employees of Citi say that the life-work balance in this bank is not good. In most branches people work 9-10 hours per day. The worst situation is in Asia and especially in such countries as Japan, South Korea and Thailand where most young employees of the Citi Group have to spend up to 12 hours per day at work. This is a requirement in order to be considered a reliable employee and grow in both the terms of salary and career.

When considering the possibility of employment in a specific department of any bank, we strongly recommend searching for reviews from real people working in this particular branch in your city. It often happens that new employees come with some kind of unrealistic expectations which later break down on reality.

At Citibank, the atmosphere and working practices are more dependent on the specific department heads and team they select rather than on general corporate practices. Therefore, we recommend looking for feedback on specific branches. Working conditions in them may differ depending on the people.

citibank branch working

Student and graduate programs at Citi

An excellent opportunity to get an interesting job at Citibank is to participate in Citi internship programs. The advantage of Citibank internships is their wide geography and a very high level of organization – this is a chance to spend several months (from 2 to 6) under the leadership of the best City bankers in London, Geneva or Dubai.

Citibank currently has the following open internship programs for students and graduates:

  • Summer Analyst Program
  • Full-time Analyst Program
  • Internships in the department of international banking services for commercial operations (Treasury and Trade Solutions)
  • Global Subsidiaries Group internships
  • Global Consumer Banking Internships
  • The Citi Career Center is a collection of formal and informal events organized by the bank for promising employees. We recommend that you “light up” on them – this can be of significant help in finding a job.

For more information on internship programs, visit the official Citibank website.

citibank programs for students and graduates

Citigroup pre-employment selection process

Citibank pre-employment selection process includes the following stages:

  • Selection by resume
  • Phone/Skype interview (for participants in internship programs in English)
  • Online aptitude tests
  • Assessment day
  • Interview with managers

This process can be slightly different for different departments. There may be additional selection stages like security check, probation period and polygraph test. Candidates for any managerial positions and for teller jobs have to undergo the most lengthy and scrupulous selection. On average, you will need 2-3 weeks to get a job in Citi.

You can find all open Citibank vacancies on the official Citibank website on the Careers page. We recommend NOT using other websites but apply only on the official website of Citibank.

citibank career website jobsearch

Citibank psychometric aptitude tests

After your first phone interview, you will receive a link to take aptitude tests from Citibank. It should be noted that in some departments of Citi, the tests are included in the assessment day and they are the first qualifying stage.

The standard set of psychometric aptitude tests for applicants for various positions at Citibank include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning tests. Situational judgement tests can be applied to candidates for jobs in sales, marketing, customer support and for all managerial positions. Test questions may vary in difficulty for candidates for jobs in different Citibank departments. However, usually these are rather complex aptitude tests. The test developers for Citibank are the 2 leading assessment companies: SHL and Talent Q.

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SHL psychometric tests

Citibank numerical reasoning test

The Citibank numerical reasoning test consists of questions with graphs, charts and tables and 4-5 answer choices (Talent Q tests can contain up to 25 answer choices). The time limit for 1 question is usually limited to 1 minute. You can see an example of Citibank’s numerical reasoning test for a job of analyst below.

numerical reasoning test

You will find the correct answer and a detailed solution to this numerical reasoning test at the end of the article. Try to find the correct answer by yourself first to test your numerical reasoning ability. You have 60 seconds to do this.

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Citibank abstract reasoning test

Abstract reasoning tests are mandatory for applicants for technical and IT positions at Citibank. But applicants for sales or customer support positions usually do not have abstract reasoning tests or have some simplified questions.

Abstract reasoning tests at Citibank consist of abstract shapes or patterns, among which you will need to determine the logical sequence and find the missing element. Such tests can be very difficult for untrained applicants. You can see an example of an abstract reasoning test from Citibank below.

abstract reasoning tests

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Citibank verbal reasoning test

At Citibank, verbal reasoning tests are mandatory for all departments. Verbal reasoning tests are questions in which you need to draw a certain conclusion based on a given text passage. Citibank uses “true – false – cannot say” verbal reasoning tests. An example of such test can be found below:

At first glance, these are simple aptitude tests, but they have their own features and difficulties. Especially difficult it is to tell apart questions when the statement is wrong or you cannot tell. We recommend that you learn more about verbal reasoning test in our separate article Verbal reasoning tests: what are they and how to pass them

Citibank personality tests

They use two types of personality tests in Citi:

  • situational judgement tests
  • personality and motivation questionnaires

Although both these types of personality tests assess the same traits of applicants, they do it differently. Situational judgement tests present you with a short scenario of a situation that can take place at your work in Citigroup. Also, you will have 4-5 answer options presenting you different actions that you can make in this situation. Each answer choice can show from different side and tell a lot about you to the employer. Please see below an example of a situational judgement test:

Situational judgement test

Personality questionnaires present another type of test. They are a simple questionnaire with 100-200 questions containing 3 or 4 statements. You need to choose the statement that describes you most and the statement that describes you least.

In general, personality tests of all types are quite tricky and if you have never seen them before you may face difficulties at the real test. Personality test are common for any positions in sales, marketing, customer support and for any managerial jobs. We recommend asking in advance about the types of psychometric aptitude tests that you need to pass in order to get a job in your department of Citibank.


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Citibank assessment day

Assessment day is a pre-employment selection procedure used in Citibank to choose the best candidates for job in sales, marketing and managerial level. This is a group stage of selection meaning that you will be accompanied by many other applicants for the same job. Usually Citi employs 8-10 applicants after each assessment day. Assessment day is also used to choose candidates for any management trainee, student and graduate programs. These are programs that attract thousands of applicants and Citibank HR managers need to pick only 10-20 of them. So, all kind of aptitude tests and assessment exercises are used to make the initial screening. Only the best candidates get invited to personal interviews and only a dozen of the best get onboard.

citibank assessment

A Citi assessment day usually includes the following 3 parts (not including aptitude testing, which is sometimes done prior to assessment):

  1. Group exercises

These assignments are discussion or practice group exercises that require you to demonstrate your ability to work effectively in a team. They usually represent a group discussion where you need to communicate with other applicants and show your best communication skills.

  1. Business case studies from Citibank

In tasks of this type, you individually or your group will be provided with material for studying and making a decision on the problem outlined. The material may include various business data from Citibank, reports, employee correspondence, and other materials that will describe a specific task. You will need to find a solution to this problem and make a short presentation on your solution. This is a rather lengthy task; it takes 1-2 hours.

  1. Writing exercise

You will be provided with material to study, as in a business case study, and you will be required to state your vision of the problem and ways to solve it in writing. After that you will need to make a short presentation. This is an individual assignment and assesses your writing ability, communication skills, and general literacy.

Citibank job interview

During the selection process, you will have to go through from 1 to 4 interviews (for applicants for managerial positions and management trainee programs 3-4).

The questions for this interview are standard. Do not be afraid of dirty tricks or difficult psychological questions. There is no need for you to share your experiences of leadership since kindergarten, or great victories made before age 6. Many job seekers find that Citi has a very comfortable environment and interview questions for all job levels.

You will be asked to tell the interviewers about yourself, why you chose your profession while studying at the university, why you want to work at Citibank and why in the department you have chosen. You will also be asked to summarize your achievements and your strengths and weaknesses.

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The selection of applicants for Citibank jobs is a complex process, often overwhelming for untrained candidates. Psychometric aptitude tests and assessment are stages at which up to 75% of all candidates are eliminated. If you are willing to get a job at Citibank, start preparing now. Just 4-5 days of practice can significantly increase your chances of passing aptitude tests and assessments. Guarantee your success – get ready!

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Numerical reasoning test

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Situational judgement test

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