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DHL: about the Company, its Hiring Process, Testing and Interviews in 2020

DHL is the world’s largest logistics company providing services for the delivery of goods by any means of transport. DHL is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Initially the company was founded in the USA in 1969, but rather quickly its branches spread throughout the world. And since 2002, DHL has been owned by the German state-owned company Deutsche Post.

For 2020, DHL Express is part of Deutsche Post DHL Corporation. DHL Express employs about 400,000 people worldwide and provides express delivery of goods and documents to almost 130 thousand cities in 222 countries. The company has about 84 thousand offices, 35 thousand cars and about 270 cargo planes.

dhl cargo park

Working in DHL

In such a large organization, you will be able to find jobs of very different specifications in different departments. DHL provides a wide range of opportunities for prospective employees with experience and a range of graduate and student training programs. A feature of working at DHL is the ability to move around the world and regions, great prospects for professional growth in a high corporate culture and established traditions.

The specific working conditions in specific places strongly depend on the professionalism and personal qualities of the manager. If he or she can competently organize the work of the department, then the employees will feel comfortable. But in some departments, managers do not value their employees: the main problem is the large volume of overtime, which is not paid in any way. Multiple reviews from DHL employees indicate this is a very common problem. Sometimes couriers, tellers and managers do not have time to eat normally during the day, and the working day lasts up to 11 hours. At the same time, you have to drive a lot and even cover some work expenses from your pocket. At the same time, salaries are relatively low.

Before applying for a DHL job in your city, we strongly recommend that you carefully study the reviews of employees in this city and the number of open vacancies. If there are a lot of bad reviews and at the same time there are many open vacancies, this is a reason to be wary. Most likely, the working conditions in this particular location/office are poor.

DHL jobs

You also recommend not to be shy, but to go directly to the department where you want to work and talk with the existing employees. Sometimes, even just a small overview of how the department works can give you a complete understanding of whether it is worth working in it. Do not neglect scouting the situation, this can give you vital insight.

Employment process at DHL

The DHL application process is straightforward and is detailed on the DHL official website. The first step is to create a personal account and fill out an online application. In accordance with German data protection law, online applications are stored for 24 months. Applications can also be accepted by regular mail, but online application is preferable. The application must be accompanied by a cover letter, which gives you the opportunity to present yourself more fully to the company, drawing the employer’s attention to your opportunities and advantages.

After review of your application, you will need to take an online pre-employment aptitude test. Depending on the location and job position, the next step is an online interview or a phone interview. For some positions you get an invitation for a personal interview right after that. If you do well in the interview, the next step is the assessment center. Finally, if you do well at the assessment you get your job offer.

That is, the selection process is as follows:

  • application
  • DHL aptitude tests
  • initial interview
  • assessment center (for jobs in sales and marketing)
  • final interview

Let’s consider all these stages in detail.

working in DHL

DHL online application

You can find DHL list of open vacancies both on the official website and on job search engines. We recommend using the official website, as this way you increase the chances of a faster review of your application.

DHL aptitude tests

Before getting to your interview, you will need to take a series of aptitude tests. Some of these are general aptitude tests and situational judgement tests, while others are specifically designed for the position you are applying for and assess knowledge.

DHL situational judgement tests

DHL uses situational judgement tests to assess your ability to cope with situations that you may encounter in your work. It helps identify problem solving skills, communication skills and many others. The SJT questions are followed with multiple answers, and you have to choose the best one. Most often, situational tests are common to pick the best candidates for managerial positions. Below you can see an example of a situational judgement test for managers at DHL.

Situational judgement test

See the end of the article for the correct answer and explanation of this and all other test examples. First try to find the correct answer by yourself to test your ability. You have 60 seconds for general aptitude tests. But as for situational judgement tests you have unlimited time.

DHL numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests are a must-have part for each general aptitude at DHL. But we should note that aptitude tests are not common for linear jobs at DHL. They are used mostly only for office and managerial jobs so we strongly recommend you asking in advance about the types of pre-employment checks and tests due to you.

Numerical reasoning tests in DHL always contain complex tables, graphs or diagrams and 4-5 answer options. You can see an example of a numerical reasoning test SHL-type below.

numerical reasoning test

DHL verbal reasoning tests

Verbal ability test assesses the ability for critical thinking and formal logic in reading a text. You will need to read a small piece of text and a series of questions to it. In some cases, multiple choice is possible in them, in others, you need to find if the statement is true, false or cannot say. See below an example of such verbal reasoning test.

verbal reasoning test

DHL abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning test assesses your ability of logical thinking, tests the perception skills of abstract images and diagrams. This will require you to be able to use certain analogies or patterns, presented in various forms. Abstract tests are complex if you have never seen them before.

abstract reasoning tests

DHL personality questionnaire

A personality questionnaire helps assess interpersonal skills. It is used to determine how well you fit into the corporate culture and are able to work in a team.

DHL questionnaire is a set of 100 statements and a choice of 2 answer options: the most suitable and the least suitable. You will be required to choose which of these options best describes you as a person.

Read more about the SHL aptitude tests in our separate article SHL psychometric tests

DHL Online or Phone Interview

In case of successful completion of the previous stages, a representative of DHL HR department will contact you to make a short job interview via Skype or phone. The choice of interview form depends on the job you are applying for and your location. Talking on the phone is not a formality, it is another opportunity for a representative of the company to figure out if you are a good candidate.

Personal interview

A personal interview is conducted by the hiring manager, sometimes together with the department head. At the interview the company representatives will want to understand in detail your abilities and work experience. Be prepared for questions such as:

  • “What do you know about the company?”
  • “We prefer those with industry knowledge, can you tell me more about ___?”
  • “How will you deal with competitors offering cheaper options, how will you deal with this issue with potential customers?”

DHL Assessment Center

DHL sales and marketing jobs require an additional screening step at an evaluation center. You will need to participate in group discussion exercises where you can demonstrate teamwork skills. In some cases, you will need to make a group presentation, which is a great opportunity to meet with company managers.

What are DHL’s core values?

DHL declares and adheres to the following values:

  • Ensuring the excellent quality of our services.
  • Our goal is customer success.
  • Openness and honesty to the client.
  • Clear setting and adherence to company priorities.
  • Social responsibility.

Consider these guidelines when applying. An understanding of the company’s culture, the ability to see the problem and the ability to formulate a task is a great start to prepare for the hiring process.

How to prepare for DHL aptitude tests?

Proper preparation is the key to successfully passing the online tests and interviews. On Aptitude-Tests-Practice you can prepare for all types of aptitude tests at DHL. 4-5 days of practice is a real time to properly prepare for aptitude tests and any other qualifying stages.

Many situational judgement test questions use real job situations, so it is important to study the job description well. Carefully read each question to make sure that you give the correct answer.

How to prepare for a DHL job interview?

When preparing for your job interview, make sure you know enough about the company. DHL has a strong corporate culture and will prefer candidates who can demonstrate their knowledge of the company. Visit the company’s website and familiarize yourself with its values ​​and future goals. Get interviewing practice so that you can link your prior experience with future work and show this to the firm’s representative. Be collected and neat but try not to get too tight. Show your individual qualities and you can make a good impression of yourself.

Before your interview, we recommend reading our articles on successful interview tactics:

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DHL is the leading shipping company. Sometimes the working conditions in specific places are unsatisfactory. So, we recommend that you carefully study the working conditions in specific departments and location. But overall, DHL is a good employer. If you want to work for this company, prepare for aptitude tests and interviews and you will easily get the job you want. Good luck!

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Situational judgement test

Situational judgement test

Numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning test 

Verbal reasoning test

verbal reasoning test 

Abstract reasoning test

Abstract reasoning test

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