Hobbies that are good for your resume

Some recruiters advise not to include a “Hobby” section in the resume at all. But some insist that you should include it if your hobby can help to catch the attention of the recruiter. In this article, you will find a list of 12 hobbies that we recommend including in your resume.

A resume is your first entry to the employer. So, before you can stand out at aptitude tests and job interviews you must get noticed with your resume. As for hobbies feel free to talk about your hobby in your resume if:

  • Your hobbies fit into the corporate culture of the company:
  • A hobby proves that you have the qualities you need to work.

Of course, not all hobbies meet these requirements. Experts named 12 hobbies that add value to your resume. Let’s agree right away: write only about real hobbies. A lie will still be revealed in an interview when it comes to corporate culture and teamwork. So, here is the list:


Do not hide your passion for yoga. HR agents believe that this hobby means that you have good control over your emotions and know how to cope with stress. Most likely, you are in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

hobbies in your resume for jobseekers

This quality is especially appreciated in candidates for “stressful” positions like account managers, sales representatives, HR specialists, press secretaries and administrators.

Extreme sports

If you enjoy jumping with a parachute, participating in super marathons or mastering a mountain bike feel free to mention your hobby in your resume if you are applying for a managerial position.

HR agents think that active sports mean that you are brave, persistent and know how to mitigate risks. By the way, these qualities are very much needed in startups.

Video editing

Video filming and editing is a hobby that can show you as a creative person, attentive to details and diligent.

Let’s be honest: if you indicate such a hobby to get a job in a small company, you will shoot congratulatory videos for all the holidays. However, for a resume, this is a positive contribution.


Marathon, triathlon, in general, any sport that involves endurance and the ability to calculate strength is definitely a hobby worthy of mention.

Endurance, patience and planning skills are essential for development directors, customer service and sales staff.

Team sports

If you play volleyball, football, basketball or other team games well, write it down in your resume. In large companies, they often have internal sports competitions and you can become a valuable acquisition for the team.

In addition, team sport teaches teamwork so this can help to prove that you will work well with colleagues.


If you are looking for a job in marketing or media, your blog is worth mentioning on your resume. However, any professional can benefit from a popular blog.

But only on the condition that the blog is regularly updated and does not contain negative or controversial content.

hobbies in your resume for jobseekers


Passion for mountaineering proves that you are open to new things, brave and love nature – qualities that are appreciated primarily in touristic business.

And the climber also needs organizational skills – this quality is appreciated everywhere.


People that are fond of gardening can work stably, even selflessly and are inclined to conservatism and care about the environment.

If these values coincide with the values of the company, feel free to indicate your hobby in your resume.


If you apply for a creative job like a designer, an SMM specialist, an editor, a build editor, or something like that and you are fond of photography, we recommend creating a website for your masterpieces and include a link to it in your resume.

hobbies in your resume for jobseekers

However, good photographers are appreciated in any team.

Playing musical instruments

If you play any musical instrument at a decent level, be sure to write about it. The recruiter will be impressed. Once you have had the perseverance and patience to master music, you will definitely cope with work tasks.


Computer games are a must-have hobby for many IT jobs, for example, for a game designer or game developer. But if you are applying for a managerial position in a regular trading company, it is better not to mention this hobby.

But if you tried yourself as a manager of a sports cyber team – this is an interesting experience, you can tell about it.

Exotic hobby

If you have a rare hobby like martial arts, aromatic compositions or cosplay – this is also a plus. Such a hobby gives you a chance to stand out from other jobseekers.

But consider the specifics of the company. If, for example, the company prioritizes environmental concerns, hunting or fishing should not be listed as a hobby.

hobbies in your resume for jobseekers

But don’t write about this hobby

Oddly enough, recruiters advise against listing reading as a hobby.

Firstly, everyone writes that. Secondly, most often it is a lie. Thirdly, reading detective stories does not affect your professionalism or personal qualities in any way. And the last – the recruiter may decide that you simply could not find anything more original.

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