How to look for a job on the Internet the right way

According to Google research, almost 90% of job seekers look for jobs on job search engines where employers post data on their open positions. In connection with this trend in the HR field, new search and selection mechanisms have appeared that help employers to choose the best candidates. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the applicants themselves, especially the older generation, do not know these features. So how do you look for a new job on the Internet the right way?

We conducted a survey with 100 applicants and asked one question: how often did it happen to you that you saw a job advertisement on a website, sent your resume, but did not receive any answer? Almost all the people in the audience raised their hand. This problem is familiar to everyone who had to search for a job on job search websites. People are disappointed that their applications go nowhere.

how to look for a job online

And they really go nowhere. The reality is that in spite of modern means of communication, it only becomes more difficult to look for jobs on the Internet and receive invitations to interviews. Technologies create new difficulties, new barriers in communicating with a real person.

Aptitude-Tests-Practice tips on finding the job on the Internet the right way

Today we will share with you several principal recommendations on how to get around these barriers and get answers to our letters. We will list 6 points that massively increase your chances of meeting with your employer.

1. Subscribe to the company you are interested in in social media

All large companies all over the world are active in social media: Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Social media marketing achieves different goals: marketing, brand building, etc.

We are interested in this because through social media companies seek to attract the best candidates to their teams. This is called HR branding: via social media, competent employers cover all aspects of their internal work in such a way that it looks attractive to new candidates.

For applicants, this is not only a means of obtaining information about the company, but, and even more importantly, a means of communication with a future employer. Think about it: social media are created for communication.

Thus, if you want to get a job in a company, subscribe to it in social media, start to “like”, comment and share its posts.

What do you do if you see someone unfamiliar “likes” your photo on FB or writes a nice comment on your post? Most people immediately check what kind of person this is and why they are interesting to him or her. In the same way, the SMM agent of the company you are interested in will check your profile when you like or comment their news. After all, it is his or her job to increase the flow of active visitors.

how to look for a job online social media

After some time, it will be quite appropriate to write a message to the company and ask for advice on how to get a job with them. Write something like: “I am a big fan of your company. I like how you work and your internal conditions are organized. I would really like to work with you. Could you please share a couple of secrets about what kind of people you need? I will try very hard to become the one you need.”

Think that you will receive no reply to such a message? Wrong. Before creating this article, we made an experiment: we became active subscribers to 10 well-known global companies: banks, IT, manufacturing and mining companies. After 3-4 weeks of active liking and commenting, we asked for tips on how to join them. We received 10 responses to our 10 messages. This is a 100% result. Representatives of the companies liked our comments, profiles on social media and our questions. And for the most part, the information they provided was useful. We received advice on the entire employment process, on available vacancies, on aptitude test, interviews and on the necessary qualities of applicants. That is, we started the process of live communication, establishing a positive personal contact with the employer – and this is the most important thing.

2. Write a cover letter that get noticed

We wrote about this earlier, but it is worth repeating. Today, to be noticed, you need to write unusual cover letters. A regular letter is when you write only about yourself: you were born, studied, worked there and there. But this is useless since this will be indicated in the resume.

Let me tell you about my own experience. As an HR agent for a large financial company, I had to look through dozens of resumes and cover letters every day. Daily I skimmed through the lines of candidates’ resumes and cover letters. 99% of job seekers had very professional resumes, but completely impersonal standard cover letters. After just a few hours of such work, the flow of information from such resumes and letters simply merges into one gray veil. And, if I noticed something original in a cover letter, it felt like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. Personal stories attract attention and force HR agents to begin a more careful study of a candidate’s information.

how to look for a job online cover letter

For the vast majority of applicants, cover letters are written either by their HR agents, or in a very standard way. These are boring letters with a set of standard phrases that cause yawning. Just your own cover letter. I am sure that you wrote words like result-oriented, customer-oriented, communication skills, etc. In the company where I hired people, these phrases were in 100% of cover letters. That is, they did not stand out with absolutely nothing.

Imagine that you are an HR agent looking for a financial specialist for your company. You checked 50 resumes and cover letters. All candidates seem the same, and suddenly in the next cover letter you read such lines. “I have been working in the financial sector for over 20 years and have seen many companies. But the beacon for me has always been N. Why? Because my parents have been your customers since 1990. I remember how as a child I went with my father to the branch of your company. From childhood, I liked to be in the atmosphere that employees in N can create. In N, I always saw friendly and professional people, and even after 30 years I still remember their faces. My father always had a very high opinion of their work. Now I would really like to join the team of these wonderful people in N.”

Such a story, even if it is a little embellished, will attract attention for sure and will make you a special candidate. Moreover, they will look at you almost like a friend. Of course, not everyone has such personal ties with a prospective employer. But think more about it, you might find something that sets you apart from hundreds of other candidates. Companies want to hire people who already know about them, about their products or services, and who position themselves as part of a team, so just show it.

Tell in your letter what the company means for you, how you are connected with it, why it is better than others. Demonstrate your knowledge of their activities and current business.

When you write a cover letter with a personal story, it will be unusual and attracting attention. And one more thing: it’s better to write it in advance and “polish it”. A good text takes time and effort, and sometimes it happens that you need to send your resume and cover letter to the employer urgently. Most often applicants are in a hurry to send their resume and a cover letter asap. They do not prepare. As a result, their cover letters go unnoticed by the HR agents and quickly get lost.

how to look for a job online

3. Do not apply online if you are not 90-100% corresponding to the job requirements

We know people who, when looking for a job, send their resume to all companies to which they can. It may seem that this is justified: somewhere they will answer. However, this is just a waste of time.

But modern websites have in-built automatic assessment tools: only those applications that meet the requirements for at least 90% are accepted by the employer. These tools are called ATS (applicant tracking systems) and they simply filter out inappropriate applications. As far as we know, ALL major international employers now use software for analyzing applications.

Review all the skills required for the position and ask yourself: can I confirm with my experience that I have them? You must meet the requirements for at least 90%.

If you do not possess the required skills, then it makes no sense to send an application through the website. It will simply be weeded out as inappropriate. This does not mean that you will not be able to do this work, or that you should not try to get this position in any other way, but it’s definitely not worth sending an application through the website: ATS will not accept it.

4. Send your application via the website where it will be noticed

Now about where it is better to look for work on the Internet: which websites. Employers post their job ads on a large number of websites, for employers there is no difference, however, for an applicant the difference exists.

We DO NOT recommend applying through the most common and popular job search engines like and Why? Because employer receive too many applications from these websites. It is very easy to get lost in this flow.

We recommend applying via:

  • employer’s own corporate website.

All over the world these websites are the most popular among HR professionals. The fact that you, as an applicant, send an application and resume through these channels, shows that you have examined the company, you know more about it than ordinary applicants, and more attention will be paid to you accordingly.

how to look for a job on linkedin

The same will happen if you try to contact through the company website. Your application is first processed by ATS, but if you meet the requirements by 90% or more, then the probability that you will be noticed is higher.

5. Fill ALL the fields in the application form

This recommendation relates to the ATS tools. Typically, such systems consider empty fields to be filled incorrectly and just decline the application as inconsistent.

If you can’t fill in some field, write “no data”. In this case, the system will consider that the field is filled in correctly and will not ignore the request.

6. Try to contact people from the company you are interested in

Social media enable you to establish contacts with the right people, and it can be extremely useful for the applicant to make acquaintances in the company of interest. As a rule, applicants don’t know how to do this. We can offer a couple of ways.

Use your contacts on LinkedIn and other social media. Perhaps someone from your friends knows those who work in a company that interests you. If you find such a friend, ask him to introduce you to people from the company. Further, you can use the cover letter, which we wrote about in paragraph 2. Explain to your friend that you are a fan of the company and want to ask what kind of people they need and what needs to be done to get an interview. Such a request will not be refused, since it costs nothing.

If you don’t have common acquaintances, then try to find in the social media people from the HR department of the company you need. Most often, these people are active users of social media, as they often look for information about candidates in SM. You can also try to contact the head of the specific department where you want to get a job.

At the first acquaintance, do not go into details, just indicate that you like the company and would like to contact them (via LinkedIn). After the connection has been established and the person added you to the list of contacts, you can send a more complete message (see point 2).

For example: “I really like your company. My cover letter explains this in more detail. I recently sent an application for a job (programmer, sales manager, accountant, etc.). I would really appreciate it if you could give me a couple of tips on what kind of people you need and what can be done to work with you.”

In this message, you do not ask to get you a job or arrange an interview, you just ask to read your cover letter and ask what kind of people they need and what can be done to get an invitation for an interview. This is a very respectful and unobtrusive way to draw attention to yourself, and most often it works. This letter will remind HR agent of your application, and he/she will be able to pull it out of the ATS and read it. And this is your first spet to the interview and the job you want.

job interview


  • Subscribe to your future employer in social networks, like and comment their posts. Feel free to ask how you can join them.
  • Write a cover letter for your resume that will attract the attention of the employer.
  • Send online applications only to those positions that you correspond to 90% or more.
  • Send applications via those websites where your chances of being noticed are high: company website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor.
  • Fill in all the fields in the applications.
  • Search for acquaintances in social media with people from the company you are interested in, introduce yourself and ask to tell you how to get to the interview.

And last, but not least, and even more important – an invitation to an interview can come to you unexpectedly quickly. Be prepared for an interview, and for aptitude tests when you apply for a job. Remember: preparation is the guarantee of success.

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