How to recognize a toxic company and what to do if problems arise

Have you ever wondered why things are going so badly and you don’t want to go to the office this morning? If such questions arise, you should not blame the problems on professional burnout. Perhaps it’s all about the constant negativity from colleagues or managers. In this article, we have collected five signs by which you can recognize a toxic collective.

It should be noted that big companies know about these problems and actively fight and prevent them. The primary method is picking the best employees via situational judgment tests and personality questionnaires. This is why it is so important to view examples of situational judgement tests and personality tests beforehand.


Sometimes it’s nice to chat with colleagues over a cup of coffee. You can discuss the stunning outfit of a colleague from the next department or complain about the boss – they say this helps to discharge emotionally. But what if gossip about you?

For more than a week, colleagues have been silent when you come into the office kitchen, you catch sidelong glances on yourself on the way to the boss’s office – they gossip about you behind your back.

Gossip undermines the friendly atmosphere in the team. If you hear that everyone is actively discussing a new victim, ask them not to spread rumors. Contact your boss – perhaps you need an open conversation.


Try to stop this behavior as soon as possible and stop the transformation of the collective into toxic. If you do not solve the situation now, believe me, everyone will get it in the future.

If you see a question about gossip in situational judgement tests or personality tests always choose the answer with an open and honest conversation to end gossiping.

Office romances

No wonder that in most movies office romances do not end well. Try to avoid relationships in the office – there will be many problems. If you have sympathy with a colleague, try to hide it. Indeed, in the future, parting is possible, and at work they will definitely notice it.

By the way, it’s not for nothing that modern employers are introducing a special rule – relations at work are prohibited. Offer your boss a similar practice.


Unfortunately, the bosses do not always behave professionally – sometimes they have favorites and pets. This can happen in companies where the boss adheres to the good old principles and rules in an authoritarian way.

Pets can include both people who have been working in a team for a long time, and those who know how to suck up to their superiors.

It is difficult to change this situation. Resign yourself and do not pay attention or try to understand – by what principle the boss selects his associates. It may be easier to enter the cherished circle of trust.

If you encounter a situational judgement test question concerning unprofessional relations the best policy is an honest conversation with colleagues and manager.

Long hours

Pete stays at work for 12 hours daily. And Paul goes home because his family is waiting for him. As a result, the boss praises Pete and reprimands Paul. And this is despite the fact that Paul is an effective and professional employee.

Remember – workaholism has already been recognized as a disease. And if you regularly stay at your workplace, then you don’t have time to complete tasks on time. Or you have no other interests – which is also bad.

Employees must do everything within 8 hours of the working shift – this is effective time management.

Do not stick to work for long hours every day. In the long run, this ruins personal life.

Questionable management principles

In toxic companies, the boss makes strange rules. For example, candidates with multi-colored hair won’t be hired. Or the boss likes to tell that an ideal woman must have many kids and never be divorced.

toxic manager

Our advice: if you hear something like that, look for another place of employment. Believe us – this is only a small part of the iceberg of toxic management.

Once again, large companies prevent toxic behavior with employees by carefully selecting candidates who act honestly and professionally. Employers and HR agents do this with personality tests and aptitude tests. If you are seeking for a job, we recommend taking as many practice questions of situational judgement tests and personality tests as you can find. This will surely help you to score high on the real testing.

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