10 common mistakes that applicants do before their pre-employment aptitude tests

When it comes to pre-employment aptitude tests, you should be aware of some potential pitfalls. In this article we will try to warn you against them. Here are 10 common mistakes that job seekers make before their pre-employment psychometric tests questions that often lead to failures. But, if you are prepared, then these pitfalls will be easy to get around.

So, the main mistakes when preparing for aptitude testing are:

1) Insufficient practice of mock aptitude tests

Practice is the key to success in any business. Pre-employment preparation only confirms this rule. Before taking the tests from your employer, take enough time to develop confident skills in taking aptitude test questions. It is necessary to develop the habit of working quickly and accurately in a time pressure environment. That subtle line between a high score and failure largely depends on the technique you have developed.

mistakes in aptitude tests practice

2) Poor time management

Time management should be a key part of your test practicing technique. First, try to determine the time it takes to answer each of tests questions, and then stick to your rate as you progress. Do not spend too much time on any question that is particularly difficult for you. Remember that psychometric test questions do not always follow in order of difficulty; simpler questions may follow more difficult ones. If you find it difficult to answer any question, skip it and move on. A mistake will be both “hanging” on one question, and too hasty choice of answers at random without careful study and solution of the test tasks.

Note, that some test companies like Talent Q do not allow to skip questions since the test is adaptive to your progress rate. But most aptitude companies (SHL, Kenexa, Ontarget and others) are ok with that.

3) “Friends” who are ready to help you with the test

In the process of taking pre-employment aptitude tests, you should not rely on someone else’s opinion or advice. Usually any third-party help prevents you from revealing your own potential. We believe that you shouldn’t pay attention to your neighbors results and make acquaintances before the test, but rather focus on your knowledge. Let you make a couple of mistakes and miscalculations when taking the test, but you will know where to improve your performance. Someone else’s experience will remain someone else’s – you cannot use it.

mistakes in aptitude tests practice

4) Have no tools and accessories you need

Do your best to master the tools and accessories available to you on the day of the test. For example, if you have to take a numerical reasoning test, then get used to using your own functional calculator. You should be able to quickly and accurately calculate with or without a calculator.

5) Lack of sleep on the eve of testing

This is one of the mistakes you definitely would not want to make. Having practiced too much and forgetting about your physical and mental state is bad. Of course, it will not be easy for you to practice in advance all possible aptitude tests. In this regard, you must ensure correct practicing and effective planning of your time. It is ideal to practice for at least 2 weeks. It is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep before the test and keep the brain functioning normally. Have a breakfast, take vitamins and stimulating supplements to improve brain function. Remember: you need to start the test in the best physical and mental condition. Your future depends on this day.

6) Inability to read and understand the question

Please read it carefully before answering the test question. Misunderstanding the meaning of a question and a hasty answer to it is a mistake that you can avoid by practicing test questions in advance. Understand the essence of the question by rereading it, if you did not fully understand it the first time. Especially this recommendation concerns verbal reasoning tests. Mistakes in verbal reasoning tests almost always originate from haste when analyzing a question.

mistakes in aptitude tests practice

7) Inability to localize and eliminate your weakest points

We all enjoy doing what we do best. But it is important to focus on the flaws and weaknesses, because they will let you down in difficult times. Numeric reasoning tests are generally the least favorite topic of a liberal arts candidate, and verbal reasoning tests may seem like nonsense to a mathematician. So, you should spend sufficient preparation time so that you can achieve acceptable results during practice. Practicing the tests that you like will make the mistake. You must be able to understand any test question.

8) Failure to read instructions carefully

Test companies always provide instructions for all pre-employment aptitude. These instructions are invaluable guides for taking tests. Understand how long and how many questions you will need to answer. Get used to the time limit and pace. Do not miss the examples presented in the instructions, carefully analyze them and understand in detail the formats of the questions in the blocks and the answer choice options.

9) Overconfidence

You will let yourself down if you are overconfident. Even with a high level of training, you still have to work on practicing specific testing techniques and get used to answering multiple-choice questions. You will need extreme concentration and attention.

10) Refusal to prepare for online aptitude tests

Currently, there is a whole industry for the production of tests developed by professional psychologists. They deserve your trust and it is unwise to refuse them. Nevertheless, before starting practice, it is worth making sure that the choice and competence of the developer of training tests is correct, since the most precious thing is your personal time and it should be used rationally.

mistakes in aptitude tests practice

Of all the mistakes it would be the most worst to give up preparation and go for real testing hoping for luck. But another mistake can be preparation on an unverified resource. Aptitude-Tests-Practice has been operating since mid-2019 and our test base is the most recent and up-to-date. Thousands of job seekers have trusted us by choosing our website for their pre-employment aptitude tests practice, and we get a lot of positive feedback. People do score high after just 4-5 days of practice. Get started now to get the job you want!

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