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Mondelez International: working and getting a job there

Mondelēz International (Mondelez) is an FMCG corporation headquartered in Deerfield, USA, one of the leaders in food production. For 2020, it is the second largest chocolate and confectionery manufacturer in the world after Mars.

Mondelēz International has sales and marketing divisions in 87 countries worldwide, with production in 142 factories in 52 countries. Mondelez products are sold in 165 countries. The number of all employees for 2020 is about 90 thousand people, of which 12 thousand are in the United States. Other largest offices and production areas of the company are in Belgium, Austria, China, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Australia.

The company owns about 100 famous brands of chocolate, food, beverages and other nutritional products. We see production of Mondelēz every day in nearly every store. The most well-known brands of the company are Belvita, Chips Ahoy!, Nabisco, Oreo, Ritz, TUC, Triscuit, LU, Club Social, Barni, and Peek Freans (cookies and crackers), Milka, Terry’s, Côte d’Or, Toblerone, Cadbury, Freia, Marabou, Fry’s, Lacta (chocolate), Trident, Dentyne, Chiclets, Halls, Stride (gum and cough drops) and Tang.

Mondelez brands

Working in Mondelez

Mondelēz is one of the leaders in the FMCG industry. At the same time, it should be noted that, as in any large FMCG company, the sales and distribution departments play a special role. And work in this area is very competitive and labor-intensive. It often requires lengthy travel, a lot of reporting, negotiations, and this is not for everyone. As with many other sales companies, Mondelēz has problems in the relationship between managers and employees among the regional sales units.

Unfortunately, some employees report that there are still incompetent and unscrupulous supervisors and sales managers. Sometimes despite any directives of the company’s management, its local representatives only care about their own interests, up to stealing money and company products, and deceiving customers and colleagues. It is worth noting that the company is actively fighting this, and we can hope that such problems will soon become a thing of the past.

MONDELEZ working in office

Pros of working in Mondelez

We can see many positive management practices and comfortable working conditions for employees at all levels. Based on employee feedback, we can make the following conclusions:

  • decent wages, but some expenses are not paid
  • good team in most offices and cities
  • many training courses
  • interesting internships both at local and foreign divisions
  • healthcare benefits
  • great opportunities for career growth
  • great support from managers (in most Western offices)

Cons of working in Mondelez

  • very physically demanding work at many jobs (merchandisers, sales people, manufacturing jobs)
  • lengthy working hours (up to 10 hours per day instead of normal 8)
  • bad work-life balance (mentally demanding job)
  • no flexible hours for most jobs
  • internal communication with managers could be better for most Eastern offices

In general, most Mondelez employees say that they like their jobs and their managers. About 73% of all reviews are positive and this is a good rating. But we should note that the largest competitor of Mondelez – Mars has about 81% of positive reviews.


Comparing different departments of Mondelez, marketing department has the best working conditions, salary and interesting jobs in the company. Sales and distribution departments are very demanding. People there have long working hours and a lot of physical work. Manufacturing, warehouse and logistics jobs are mostly safe and well-paid. Most employees from these three departments say that they like their jobs and their company.

Pre-employment selection process for a job at Mondelez

Mondelēz employs a multi-stage selection process for new employees. It includes the following steps:

  • sending a questionnaire and resume on the official website of Mondelez
  • online aptitude tests
  • telephone or skype interview
  • assessment day

On average, it takes 4 weeks to get employed at Mondelez. Sometimes, if a company is interested in an employee, this time takes just several days. Finalists of case championships, trainees from any FMCG companies and graduates of top universities have an advantage and usually do not have to pass the aptitude tests in Mondelez.

Online application form at Mondalis

You can find and fill the Mondelēz job application form on the official website of the company and this is your first opportunity to tell about yourself. You need to upload your resume and answer a few questions about the competency, such as “What skills and experience do you think you have to work in this job?” and “What interests you the most in this position?” You should also describe your work experience, education history, and any certifications you may have.

mondelez careers website

Mondelēz values

When choosing candidates for the Mondelēz job, candidates who demonstrate a commitment to the values ​​of this company have priority. Review the values below and consider how you can best incorporate them into your resume, interview, and assessment.

  • Act as the owner of the company, with the utmost responsibility in the interests of the company
  • Be easy to communicate
  • Discuss, decide, achieve results
  • Tell the truth about the state of affairs
  • Be open and involved

Mondelēz aptitude tests

Applicants whose CVs have been selected will receive an invitation to take online aptitude tests. These are tests from such test developers as CEB SHL and Talent Q and you will need to pass them on the official Mondalis website. Since Mondelēz receives thousands of applications every year, they use these aptitude tests to make the initial screening and select the best candidates.

You can read more about CEB SHL aptitude tests in our article SHL psychometric tests

Mondelez numerical reasoning tests

Numeric reasoning tests are used in Mondelēz to assess your numeric reasoning skills. Each test question is a table or chart of data that you must analyze and use when answering multiple choice questions. These are complex questions. Although they have only 4 basic arithmetic operations – calculation, distraction, multiplication and division – but a time limit and stress can make them difficult.

Below you can see numerical reasoning test example from Mondelez. See the end of the article for all correct answers and explanation of each of the examples below. First try to find the correct answer by yourself to test your current ability. You have 1 minute time limit for each question.

numerical reasoning test

Read more about numeric reasoning tests of all types in our article Numerical Reasoning Tests: what they are, examples, solutions and tips to pass them

Mondelez verbal reasoning tests

In Mondelez they use verbal reasoning tests from SHL. Your task in such verbal reasoning tests is to determine if the statement is true, false or you cannot tell it. At first glance, these are simple tests, but they have their own features and difficulties. We recommend that you learn more about verbal reasoning test in our separate article Verbal reasoning tests: what are they and how to pass them.

Please see below an example of a verbal reasoning test of this type used in Mondelez.

verbal reasoning test

Mondelez abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests is the type of aptitude tests with the greatest variety. There can be dozens of different test questions by the type of their view and logics used. We recommend practicing as many abstract reasoning tests as you can find. This way you can prepare the best way. On we currently have about 300 aptitude tests and this number is growing.

Most abstract reasoning tests represent a series of frames with abstract figures united by some logical rule or sequence. Your task is to understand this logical rule and find the correct answer basing on it. Below you can find an example of an abstract reasoning test used in Mondelez. Read more about abstract reasoning tests in our article Abstract reasoning tests: all you want to know about them

abstract reasoning tests

Mondelez situational judgement tests

Another important part of Mondelez aptitude testing is personality tests or situational judgement tests. They are common for pre-employment selection process for sales, marketing and managerial jobs. As far as we know they are not used for jobs in manufacturing, logistics of any other jobs. We still recommend asking in advance about the types of psychometric tests that you will have to take and pass. They are usually different for different jobs in Mondelez.

Situational judgement tests simulate situations that can take place in real working environment. And your task is to assess the situation and choose the best answer option from 4-5 options. There may be other tasks like ranging answer options from the worst to the best or other variations. Read more about situational judgement tests and personality tests in our articles:

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For professionals with years of experience, such psychometric tests will not be difficult. But, if you’ve never seen situational judgement tests before, they can be challenging for you. Despite the apparent obviousness of the proposed answers, each answer option can show you from a different side. And it can influence your score.

Below you can find an example of a situational judgement test used in FMCG industry including Mondelez.

Situational judgement test

Personality questionnaire

Personality questionnaire is a part of personality or situational judgement testing and it is a mandatory part of SHL tests. The SHL personality questionnaire is OPQ32 that measures 32 personality traits of candidates. These are such as leadership, optimism, communication skills, friendliness, persistence and many others. Besides SHL questionnaires there exist many others and Mondelez uses many of them.

A personality questionnaire is a series of statements where you need to pick one that describes you most and one that describes your least. It is a lengthy test including 140-220 questions Below you can see an example of a situational questionnaire used in Mondelez.


Phone or skype interview at Mondelēz

If Mondelēz likes your application and you scored high on the aptitude tests, they will contact you to schedule a phone interview. This stage is mainly used to double-check the details of your resume and gives you the opportunity to add or refine what you have included in it. Make sure you have a calm, quiet room when you speak to your Mondelēz interviewer and have a copy of your resume in front of you.


Many questions will concern your motivation in choosing Mondelēz as a place of work. You will be asked to tell what you know about this company, what you know about this Mondelēz job and its requirements, why you chose it, and what you want to achieve in your career at Mondelēz.

Before your interview, we recommend reading our articles to help you show your best side:

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Some questions can be in English to test your level of English. Nearly all Mondelez office jobs in any country require an Intermediate or higher level of English.

Assessment day at Mondelēz

The Mondelēz Assessment Day is the final step in the recruiting process for applicants in Sales and Marketing and for any management jobs including Management Trainees. No assessment is required for any other jobs like manufacturing, logistics, etc. This means this is your last chance to impress recruiters. Before your assessment day, research as much information as you can about Mondelēz, the FMCG industry and the Mondelez brands. Think about the position you are applying for, why you want it, and what you can bring to the company. Get a good night’s sleep and dress to make a positive impression so you can gain the confidence you need.

The Mondelēz Assessment Day includes:

  • Group exercises
  • Presentation
  • Role play (for jobs in sales and marketing)
  • Final interview

Up to 100 candidates applying for 9-10 vacancies in Mondelēz can receive an invitation to the assessment. Only the best candidates get invitation to the final interview and the rest are eliminated.

Mondelez International production

Group exercises

During the group exercise, your group’s task is to discuss and work through some problem given by the recruiters. The assignment may not be related to your position or area of work, but rather cover a general topic. Often the task is to develop a new product within 1 hour. Group exercise is an opportunity to demonstrate that you are an effective, assertive team member who listens to others. It’s also important to be creative by showing recruiters that you can think outside the box.


A representative of the company will contact you 2-3 days before the assessment day to inform you about the topic of your future presentation, which you will have to make. The key skills to be considered in this step are your confidence in public speaking and how well you can present your idea. It is important to remember that you need to be brief and not deviate from the topic. You should also try to show yourself as a bright and attractive person, because Mondelēz is more likely to hire someone whom they like and remember, rather than someone who presented a boring presentation.

Role-playing games

The RPG is designed for candidates for Mondelēz jobs in Sales and Marketing. In a role-playing game, you get a business problem that you need to solve in a one-on-one dialogue with a company representative. Basically, you will have to negotiate. This assignment helps give Mondelēz an idea of ​​how you will act in a real business situation.

Final interview

An interview with line managers and company managers is the final part of the Mondelēz assessment day and the selection process. The questions in the interview are mainly about your professional competence, and interviewers expect you to provide examples. A good method for planning your responses is to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to make sure that you are showing the maximum that is required. Before your interview, remember a few examples where you illustrated the values ​​of Mondelēz. These examples may be from previous work experience, school, volunteer work, or any other experience you have. Candidates for Mondelez product development jobs and chemists can expect more technical questions in their interviews.

Mondelez International flag

Mondelēz is truly a great place to work. The company can give their employees a good salary, interesting work projects and a stable career growth. If you want to place a job in Mondelez we recommend preparing for each stage of the pre-employment selection: resume, psychometric aptitude tests, assessment and interviews. Start your practice now to guarantee your success!

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Numerical reasoning test

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Situational judgement test

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