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Nestle: work, pre-employment aptitude tests, vacancies, interviews

Nestlé (Nestle, Nestle) is the undisputed leader among food manufacturers in the world. This is a huge industrial empire with a total number of employees in the world of more than 350 thousand people.

The company operates under the brands: “Nescafé”, “KitKat”, “Nesquik”, “Extrem”, “Bon Pari”, “Nuts”, “Golden Brand”, “Maggi”, “Perrier”, “Friskies”, “Felix”, “Purina”, “Gourmet”, “Darling” and others. In total, Nestle owns more than 2,000 trademarks.

nestle reception

The company is constantly growing and hires a numerous employees year-round. Currently the company has about 19,000 open vacancies in the world with largest factories located in Western and Eastern Europe, India, the whole Asia and Africa and most other countries. Nestle receives about 600,000 job applications and the competition for jobs in some of its departments can be very tough.

Nestle is one of the most developed companies in the world with regard to corporate and management standards. According to Nestle employees, good interpersonal relationships are the priority in the company. Of course, as in any large family, there can be frictions, but in general, Nestlé is a company where it is comfortable to work.

In addition, employees and applicants like high salaries, compensation for food costs, free clubs and sports sections and numerous internships in foreign offices of the company. Nestle is one of the few companies that take out all employees on vacation up to 2 times a year.

Benefits of working at Nestle

There are numerous benefits of being a Nestle employee:

  • payment is higher than in many other FMCG food market companies
  • bonuses up to 100% of annual payment
  • frequent exciting internships in domestic and foreign divisions of Nestle
  • valuable work experience
  • friendly atmosphere in the team
  • prestige of work at Nestle
  • numerous educational and recreational activities for employees

Problems at Nestle

Like all FMCG companies Nestle employs many sales representatives and merchandisers. These are quite difficult positions for work, which are not suitable for everyone. All FMCG market companies receive a lot of feedback about difficult working conditions for sales representatives and other junior positions. In particular, these are long working hours, dishonesty of some supervisors, need for a large amount of reporting and a large number of business trips away from home and family.

On the other hand, we note that 97% of Nestlé top management comes from the sales department of this company. Such statistics clearly demonstrate that sales representatives and sellers in general in Nestle are considered the main asset of the company and they are given priority in promotion.

How to get a job in Nestle?

If you are still a student or graduate we definitely recommend taking part in Nestle student internships. No matter what university you study at, try to go there for a practice or internship from your university. With the success of this practice, you will be a priority candidate for company vacancies. Note that usually the selection for participation with such practices and internships is also tough: you will need to send a resume, go through online testing and interviews.

According to HR company employees, the following is required from applicants for Nestle jobs:

  • motivation to work
  • focus on results
  • leadership qualities for managerial positions
  • advanced communication skills
  • professional knowledge
  • responsibility
  • ability to work both as a team and independently
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The Management Trainee program at Nestle deserves special attention. This program is designed to prepare future managers for the company and lasts 2 years. The focus of the program is made on the ability to sell, so its participants do work a lot in sales departments. The training process in the MT Nestle program consists of a large number of internships at various Nestle factories, sales and marketing departments, including foreign divisions of the company. Many participants in this program settle in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the United States and other leading countries. To become a member of the program, you will also need to go through a multi-stage and lengthy selection process. It includes aptitude tests, assessment and 2-3 interviews with Nestle management.

Nestle pre-employment process

Nestle has many open vacancies at any time. But the selection of employees is carried out according to a fairly tough system in several stages:

  • Online application
  • Online aptitude testing
  • Initial telephone or video interview
  • Assessment
  • Final interview

Online application

You can apply for the job you are interested in on the official Nestlé website. On the official website you can find a list of Nestle open positions in your country, their requirements and salaries.

We recommend reading our article “How to look for work on the Internet”. In it, we described several subtleties of online job search.

Online aptitude testing at Nestle

All Nestle job applicants must pass online psychometric aptitude test. You will receive a link to the test to you by e-mail address, and then you must pass the test on the official website of Nestle in the Career section.

Nestle’s aptitude tests is a tool of initial assessment of intellectual abilities of applicants, in particular, their understanding of numerical and textual data. The company uses CEB SHL tests. Accordingly, you will need to pass 2 tests: numerical reasoning test and verbal reasoning test. However, we strongly recommend that you learn in advance about the types of tests that you have to pass. Some Nestle departments use abstract reasoning tests, rather than verbal reasoning tests. Most managerial positions also require you to pass situational judgement tests and personality questionnaires.

We at can offer you a large database of practice tests of all types for online testing in Nestle. Having prepared, you will significantly increase your chances of successfully passing the Nestle aptitude test and receiving an invitation to the next stage.

Nestlé aptitude tests have a number of features:

  1. Information in Nestle numerical reasoning tests is always presented in the form of tables, graphs, charts. They give a lot of distracting information, among which you need to find the right one to solve a specific question.
  2. Questions of numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests are given in series of 4 questions with the same table or text, but with different questions.
  3. You may and can switch between test questions, go forward and backward.
  4. Usually applicants have 15-20 questions of the numerical reasoning test and 15-20 questions of the verbal reasoning test.
  5. You will have limited time for solving each type of test. For example, for a numerical reasoning test of 20 questions you will have 25-30 minutes, that is, 60-90 seconds for 1 question. The time limit for 1 question is not limited within the total time for the test.
  6. Almost always, these numerical reasoning tests include currency conversion questions.

Nestle Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical Reasoning Test Example

Numerical reasoning test Nestle

You will find the correct answer and explanation of this test in the end of the article. Try to find the correct answer by yourself first. Check yourself, you will have 90 seconds for this question.

Nestle Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning Test Example

Nestle Verbal Reasoning Test

You will find the correct answer and explanation of this test in the end of the article. Try to find the correct answer by yourself first. Check yourself, you will have 60 seconds for this question.

Nestle situational judgement test

Like we mentioned above, you may have different psychometric tests in different departments of Nestle. It is highly likely that you will have situational judgement tests. This is especially true if you apply for a job in management, sales or marketing. This kind of aptitude tests measures your ability to comply with the company rules and practices, find effective solutions and communicate properly with clients and staff members.

Below you will find an example of a situational judgement test used in the pre-employment process for managerial positions in Nestle.

Nestle situational judgement test

You will find the correct answer and explanation of this situational judgement test at the end of the article. Please try to find the correct answer by yourself first to test your knowledge. There is no time limit for this question but you should give the answer within no longer than 2 minutes.

Nestle Telephone/Skype Interview

If your resume has been selected and you successfully passed the aptitude tests (you should aim 70-75% of correct answers in your test in order to pass), a company representative will call you and ask 10-15 questions of the initial interview. They are designed to double-check the details of your resume and get a first impression of you as a person and a potential Nestle employee.

skype interview

Example questions of the first interview

Below you can see a sample list of questions for Nestlé’s primary interview for the marketing department and for the Management Trainee program:

  • Tell us about your last job or your studies at the university.
  • Why are you currently considering job offers?
  • What attracts you the most in sales / marketing?
  • What do you like about this job with Nestlé?
  • Tell us about your professional plans. What will be the next step in your career development and what are you ready to do for this (what to work on, what to develop in yourself)?
  • Tell us about your most significant achievement at your last job, what have you done?
  • Tell us about such a situation at work or study, when you were unable to achieve a result. What conclusions have you drawn from this situation?
  • Describe the situation of difficult negotiations with a client or supplier from your professional experience. What was the result of these negotiations?

If you are applying for a managerial position, the following may be added to the questions:

  • What methods of motivating subordinates do you know and use?
  • What does the concept of a “perfect team” mean to you?
  • Give an example of a situation from your experience when you come to resolve a conflict with your subordinate.

Attention: if you are applying for office positions, you may be required to answer 2-3 questions in English even if your native language is different. Nestle requires knowledge of English at a level not lower than Intermediate on the TOEFL scale, but rather Upper Intermediate.

Assessment at Nestle

In a group assignment (assessment) you have a business case study from Nestlé. A group of candidates will be given a task that must be solved and explained to the commission. This task assesses your ability to work in a team, communicate effectively and solve team-work problems.

Also, often an individual part of the interview includes a role-playing game on sales skills, for example you may need to convince the rest of the team or company employees to purchase something from Nestlé products.

Tip for working on a case study: we recommend practicing as many different numerical reasoning tests as possible. In a case study, in the same way, you will need to analyze tables and graphs and draw conclusions based on them. In addition, try to find and work as many business case studies as possible. Many of them have common parts.

Case presentation tip: you should forget that you are competitors with other job seekers. The first thing that Nestlé representatives look at is your attitude towards colleagues. Striving to stand out by interrupting and criticizing other job seekers can play against you. With your ideas and suggestions you need to benefit the team, and not to waste time on disputes and trying to stand out.

Final interview

After the case study assessment comes the final interview. This is the final part of the pre-employment process, so this is the most important although it is not difficult. The questions of the final interview, for the most part, repeat the questions of the first interview, but with a greater focus on your psychological characteristics. Questions may sound like this:

  • What are your most striking achievements in work or school?
  • Give examples that you are a purposeful person.
  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • What are your hobbies?

Final interview in Nestle

The company employees themselves say that the interview at Nestle is very adequate. You will not be required to talk about any super-achievements. To make a favorable impression, you just need to be an interesting company, not to be shy and not to worry.

Advice: the most important thing at the stage of the final personal interview in Nestle is a collected, but calm and relaxed state. Imagine that you are already an employee of the company and that you now communicate with friends, and they are completely on your side. Be confident, because you are already a professional and the right person for the company. Just show it and soon you will receive a call with an invitation.

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Only preliminary practice will give you the knowledge of what awaits you in regard to aptitude tests and interviews at Nestle. After preparation, you will be much more calm and confident, and your chances of success will increase many times over. It is better to spend 1-2 days preparing now than to regret a missed chance later!

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