Practice of psychometric aptitude tests – how effective is it?

In this article, we’ll compare 3 different ways how you can improve your chances to score high at your pre-employment online aptitude test, and check if unaided practice of aptitude tests is the best option.

How can you prepare for your online aptitude tests?

There are currently 3 main ways you can take to prepare for your pre-employment online aptitude tests:

  • self-practice (online or through books);
  • trainer-aided practice (online or in person, group or individual);
  • hiring a specialist who will take your online tests instead of you.

All of these ways have their pros and cons. Let’s consider them in reverse order.

Help from a pro who will take online tests instead of you

You can easily find the Internet ads that offer such a service. Online tests are anonymous. This means that any person can take your aptitude test online by connecting to your computer. The ads on these websites offer to pass any pre-employment online test for you. They say that they guarantee a high score at any pre-employment online psychometric test or an online exam in a university. This seems too good to be true, but so easy. What are the advantages of this way?

  1. You will not need to strain your brains and take the test or exam on your own;
  2. This saves time. You do not need to prepare, and the test will be passed for you any day and time.

aided practice

The rest of the features of this option are questionable:

  1. The 99% high score guarantee, which is stated on such websites. A competent professional who has taken thousands of practice psychometric tests can indeed pass an average test with a high score. But guarantees are impossible here. Even a specialist cannot know all possible aptitude tests.
  2. The cost of such a service starts from 100 dollars for an average test and can reach 500 dollars and more depending on the complexity. There is a risk of simply losing this money without getting the result and job. Also, there are scams possible with that.
  3. You are guaranteed confidentiality and reliability of the result. They say that the employer will not find out about the fraud. Again, this is something that they cannot guarantee in reality. Every year new software testing tools appear on the HR market. Besides some employers require applicants to take a re-test in their offices.
  4. Most importantly, going this way you are not gaining knowledge that you could acquire on your own.

The risks of this way are significant, because getting a job is at stake. In our opinion, the only justification for this option may be an acute lack of time. For example, if you need to take the test today or tomorrow, then it might be worth asking for help and taking the risk.

Preparation with a coach

This is most likely the best way to prepare for any psychometric tests. With it, you are guaranteed to gain knowledge and skills to score high at any aptitude tests.

practice with a coach

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this way are also significant:

  1. Practicing aptitude tests with a coach in person or online takes a lot of time. Usually, each lesson lasts 1-2 hours and the whole training can take from 4 to 19-20 lessons. But, unfortunately, even this practice cannot cover all possible test complexities.
  2. Coach training is the most expensive type of training. Its cost starts from 400 dollars, and there is almost no upper limit. For example, face-to-face group preparation for some aspects of managerial pre-employment tests may cost 10,000 dollars by some coaches.

Self-preparation for aptitude tests

At Aptitude-Tests-Practice we offer just this type of training – independent online practice. This way also has both pros and cons. Let’s start with the cons:

  1. On Aptitude-Tests-Practice we have compiled about 1,200 different aptitude tests as of mid-2020. But even such a base and all instructions and explanations do not guarantee that we have covered all possible types and methods of pre-employment aptitude tests.
  2. The result that you can get on real testing depends entirely on how much time and effort you spend on independent practice of mock test questions. The more hours you spend practicing the tests, the more you will know and understand and the more confident you will feel during the real test. But with insufficient preparation, there is a risk of failure.
  3. This preparation also costs money. We have 3 plans starting at 1.99 EUR per 2-week plan. This is a small amount but you get a large amount of practice.

self practice pf aptitude tests

Pros of self-practice:

  1. It’s affordable. 1.99 EUR is a small price for such a volume of information for practice.
  2. It is convenient. You can practice at any time convenient for you from your PC or smartphone.
  3. It’s fast. Within 3-4 days of practice, you can get basic knowledge and skills to score high at any type of test.

Self-practice is the only affordable and effective way to quickly understand strategies for taking online pre-employment aptitude tests and learn how to pass them quickly and accurately. Secure your high score – practice now!

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