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Procter and Gamble Co (P&G): pre-employment aptitude tests, assessments and interviews

Procter and Gamble Corporation (P&G, Procter and Gamble) is one of the largest American manufacturers of various consumer products in the field of hygiene, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes. Procter and Gamble is one of the leading companies in the industry of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), has factories in 80 countries and sales departments in about 180 countries as of end of 2019.

Procter and Gamble Corporation

Total number of P&G employess in 2019 is about 97,000 people with largest offices and manufacturing structures in India (about 28,000 jobs directly and indirectly), China (appr. 21,000 jobs), USA (appr. 11,000 jobs) and in many other countries with average number of employees of 4,000.

In the article below, you will find information that will help you show your best side, successfully pass the pre-employment tests, assessment and interview and get a job at Procter and Gamble.

Procter and Gamble Benefits

According to the reviews of Procter and Gamble employees, along with such market leaders in consumer goods as BAT, Mars, Unilever and L’Oreal, P&G is one of the brightest examples of companies that not only generously pay for work, but also offer interesting job tasks from the very beginning of employment, transparent career growth and interesting prospects for professional development. Procter and Gamble is in the TOP 15 of the best employers worldwide and this is a true index of the best working conditions.

Among the benefits of P&G jobs are the following:

  • competent and well-organized training programs, well paid internship;
  • salaries higher than the average market and are reviewed 2 times a year with the prospect of constant growth;
  • frequent internships in foreign divisions of the company;
  • respectful and developed corporate culture (this is not a stamp, such a high level of culture is, rather, an exception among even leading companies);
  • transparent prospect of stable career growth.

Employees of P&G enjoy one of the highest salaries in the FMCG industry. Average salary for jobs in the USA is $65,000 per year. Average salary in Procter and Gamble in India is about 45,000-50,000 INR or about $1,000 per month.

Pre-employment process at Procter and Gamble

Competition for P&G vacancies is extremely tough, and in order to get a job at Procter and Gamble you will need to do everything possible at every stage of the pre-employment process: preparing and submitting a resume and cover letter, scoring high on psychometric aptitude tests and doing well on an interview.

Pre-employment process at P&G includes four stages:

  • Online job application
  • Online testing (several different types of tests depending on the position)
  • First interview
  • Assessment (only for jobs in sales and marketing)
  • Final interview

Procter & Gamble online job application

You can view the list of open P&G vacancies and apply on the official website of Procter and Gamble, as well as on many other job-search engines. We recommend submitting your application directly through the official job website of P&G. This way your application will make a shorter way to the HR department of the company.

The first thing you need to do is fill out an online form, which includes: your results at your current place of work, your education and the institutions where you received it, your existing work experience and situations from your work or study experience.

At Procter and Gamble, you can find jobs in the following departments:

  • production
  • product development (engineering)
  • quality control
  • logistics
  • marketing
  • communications (PR)
  • customer business development department
  • finance
  • procurement
  • HR
  • sales

Procter and Gamble brands

In most departments of Procter & Gamble, you will be able to apply only for the initial position M1 which is the starting junior position. You can apply for the M2 position in the departments of marketing, finance and communication. The pre-employment process for these jobs at Procter and Gamble is even more stringent.

Please note that this online form is available only in English and only on the official website of Procter and Gamble. Many applicants find the Procter and Gamble questionnaire one of the most difficult: it is necessary to fill in a very large number of required fields and describe situations from your personal experience (3-6 situations). The questions of the questionnaire mainly concern demonstration of your leadership qualities, your penchant for creative non-standard solutions, the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people and achieve your goals. According to the reviews that we receive from applicants, sometimes it takes several days to fill out this questionnaire.

Tip: submit your application as early as possible, as this increases your chances of being noticed. At this stage, your task is simply to become noticed among thousands of other applicants. We wrote earlier about what can be done to increase our chances of becoming noticeable. We recommend reading our articles about this in the Preparation section.

Also note that the analysis of applications at Procter and Gamble is performed by a special computer program ATS (applicant tracking system). This process is different from the standard interaction with a living person from the human resources department. You can find tips on how to increase your chances of being noticed by the program in our article “How to look for work on the Internet”.

P&G Management Trainee Program deserves special attention. By right, the MT program from P&G is considered one of the best internship programs for future managers in the field of FMCG. After completing this program, the trainee gets a chance to build a brilliant managerial career at Procter and Gamble. Read more about this program in our special article: Management Trainee programs of the largest FMCG companies: rating, features, employment tips

Procter & Gamble online or in-person testing

Procter & Gamble online or in-person testing

If your application was selected by the program as meeting the requirements of P&G, you will be sent to an email link for passing online tests. The test developer for Procter and Gamble is the well-known CEB SHL.

First of all, you will need to pass a behavioral questionnaire or a situational judgement test. It assesses your communication skills, values and priorities, attitude to work and focus on results. We recommend that you pass as many similar tests as possible on our website in advance in order to confidently and successfully pass real testing.

You can look at examples of situational judgement tests with answers and explanation on our website. Below you can also find an example of a situational judgement test from the P&G assessment.

Depending on your position and department, you will be sent a link to the online test. Most jobs in P&G require passing the following two types of aptitude tests (together with the personality test):

  • numerical reasoning tests
  • verbal reasoning tests
  • abstract reasoning tests

For positions in IT, products development and all technical jobs you will also have to pass abstract reasoning tests. We recommend you to try to find out what exactly types of psychometric tests will be sent to you. This can save you time so that you do not need to practice tests that you won’t need. At Aptitude-Tests-Practice you will be able to take practice tests for any type of aptitude tests used in Procter and Gamble in all its offices and countries of operation.

As we wrote earlier, psychometric tests for P&G are developed by SHL, these tests and have a clear and understandable style. But many applicants note that the level of complexity of tests in Procter and Gamble is high – higher than in many other companies that use pre-employment aptitude testing. According to the reviews of applicants and information from P&G HR agents, the minimum passing score in these types of tests is approximately 60%, but few candidates reach it. According to unofficial statistics and reviews of Procter & Gamble employees, only about 55% of all applicants pass the tests.

Please note: P&G rules imply that if you do not pass the aptitude tests from the first time, then you are given only one more attempt, and then only after 12 months. The applicant who has failed the P&G tests twice falls into a certain black list of those who are not recommended to be hired by this company.

Procter & Gamble expo

Procter & Gamble Test Examples

P&G numerical reasoning tests

There are not complex calculations in P&G numerical tests. All you need to know is the principles of basic calculations, such as ratios, percentages, and analysis of charts and tables. And, of course, you will need all your attentiveness and composure. The only real difficulty with numerical and verbal tests in Procter Gamble and companies of the same level is that they have tough time limit. Usually it is 60 seconds to answer 1 numerical question. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you first take as many practice tests on our website as possible. This way you will get to know typical questions and strengthen your knowledge and confidence in successfully passing numerical, abstract reasoning and verbal tests.

The main difficulty of numerical is stress and time limits, and not a lack of knowledge or the complexity of the questions themselves. You need to learn how to manage your emotional state and prepare in the best way so that on the test itself you will be calm and confident.

Below you will find an example of a numerical test when applying to P&G for the position of manager M1, these are fairly simple tests, which, according to Procter and Gamble employees, correspond to the level of school in grades 5-6. However, we note that tests for positions M2 and higher will be much more difficult – this is the level of standard SHL numerical tests.

150 units of product are produced on the production line withinin 1 minute, which are then packaged in packs of 15 pieces. How many packs of this product will be produced on line in 22 minutes?

  1. 112
  2. 220
  3. 22
  4. 350
  5. 410

See the end of the article for an explanation and the correct answer for this test – first try to answer yourself. You are given 45 seconds to find the solution.

Below is an example of a more complex numerical reasoning test used in P&G financial department:

numerical reasoning test used in P&G

Please see the end of the article for the correct answer and explanation for this test, first try to find the answer by yourself. You will be given 60 seconds to find the solution during the real P&G test.

As we already mentioned, you will be given about 45-60 seconds to answer this question. But after a few days practice, you will be able to find answers for such questions within 30-40 seconds.

P&G verbal reasoning tests

Procter and Gamble uses verbal reasoning tests for pre-employment assessment for nearly 100% of candidates. For most junior positions verbal tests “true – false – cannot say” are used. For managerial positions are used more complex “verbal analysis” tests, these are multiple-choice tests. Please see below for examples of both these types of verbal tests at P&G.

Verbal test  “true – false – cannot say”

P&G verbal reasoning tests

You can find the correct answer and explanation of this tests at the end of this article. First try to find the correct answer by yourself. You will be given 30-45 seconds for 1 question of this type.

Verbal analysis test

Verbal analysis test

You can find the correct answer and explanation of this tests at the end of this article. First try to find the correct answer by yourself. You will be given 90-120 seconds for 1 question of this type.

P&G abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests are used at Procter and Gamble to assess logical and spacial skills of candidates for jobs in IT, technical and some manufacturing departments. However we strongly recommend you to check with your HR representative if you will have abstract reasoning tests in your online test since some P&G local offices use them to assess candidates for all jobs.

Abstract reasoning tests can have many forms and types. Please see below 2 most commonly used in P&G types of abstract reasoning tests: matrices and next in series.


P&G abstract reasoning tests

See the end of the article for an explanation and the correct answer for this test, first try to finds the correct answer by yourself.

Next in series

P&G abstract reasoning tests

You can find the correct answer and explanation of this tests at the end of this article. First try to find the correct answer by yourself. You will have 60 seconds to find the correct answer. After a 3-4 days practice you will be able to recognize the patterns and find the correct answers of abstract tests within 20-30 seconds.

Situational Judgement tests in P&G

Personality and situational judgement tests are widely used in Procter and Gamble Co for jobs in management, sales, marketing and finance. Please see below an example test for marketing department:

Situational judgement test P&G

Usually situational judgement tests do not have a time limit but we advise to give the answer within no longer than 1 minute. Please see the end of the article for the correct answer and explanation of this situational judgement test used in P&G.

Procter & Gamble Interview

The first Procter & Gamble Interview

 At P&G, the first interview is called “screening interviews”. This is a personal meeting with one or a few representatives of the P&G human resources department. The questions on the screening interview will concern the qualities that you indicated in the questionnaire in order to understand how generally you approach the company, its corporate culture and rules. You will be asked questions on these topics (approximately the same as in the questionnaire), this way the questionnaire is used to make you think about what you will say in the interview. As HR-manager Procter & Gamble said at one of the presentations, if your application was chosen as the right for the company, then most likely (80%) you will be offered a job if you give the impression of a person who answered sincerely. It should also be noted that if you do not pass this interview, then almost certainly the P&G HR agents will never again consider you as a candidate for work in this company. The chances of employment will be reduced to almost zero.

This interview is a chance for you to show yourself as an interested person who really wants to work in Procter and Gamble, develop yourself and develop your company. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare well for this interview: learn as much as possible about the company, its news, its rules and culture, and show your knowledge. We wrote about this earlier, we recommend you to read our articles from the Preparation section.

Assessment in Procter and Gamble

Assessment in Procter and Gamble

Assessment centers are a widely used procedure for candidates for sales and marketing positions. They include different group and individual exercises designed to assess your skills and experience in real-life situations.

The exercises can include different business games, group and individual case studies and short presentations.

Since these exercises are used for candidates for sales and marketing positions the skills they they assess mostly concern your creative skills and include the following:

  • ability to effectively work individually or in a group
  • persistence
  • focus on result
  • focus on customer
  • company loyalty
  • creativity
  • leadership

Final Procter & Gamble Interview

If you have reached this stage, you will have and interview with representatives and the manager of that particular direction where you want to get a job. This interview can be in English if you want to get a job in sales or marketing. The questions are the same as at the first interview, and the results of the refusal have the same sad consequences.

The final interview may have three options:

  • You get a job offer.
  • You are not suitable for the company in principle. This means rejection of your application.
  • You are a good candidate but, alas, there is a better candidate. Then the decline comes only from one specific department, and you can apply for work in another department of Procter and Gamble.

In most cases, a new employee is employed to the position M1, sometimes you can get hired as M2 (to the department of brand development, marketing or finance). M1 means manager of the 1st level: a junior position with the lowest salary. There are 6 of these levels. The highest possible level is M6 and this is the director for the region. Level M5 is a factory director or director for some department in your country (for example, marketing). Top management positions start at level 4, such employees of Procter and Gamble receive no longer a salary, but a certain equity of the company and their income starts from $200,000 per year with average annual income of $500,000.

P&G interview preparation tips

P&G interview preparation tips

  • Carefully prepare your answers to typical questions during the interview. What they can be and how to answer them competently and effectively read in our articles in the Preparation
  • Prepare your own questions to employer representatives. HR agents and managers at Procter and Gamble appreciate when job seekers show interest in ongoing work and show themselves as people who think ahead. Read more about this in the article “8 smart questions for the employer.”
  • Tune in to a business and collected, but calm and relaxed state. The interview is not an interrogation in the Gestapo, but a mutually interesting conversation. You will not be tortured, you have already interested people who are sitting opposite you, they are interesting to you and all you have to do is to warm up this interest even more. Show that you are a smart and pleasant company, an interesting person and an accomplished professional. After all, you are already such a person, so just show it.

Read more about successful job interview in our articles:

10 tips for a successful job interview

2 most common job interview mistakes

Take all personality (situational judgement), numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning (if required for your department) tests on our website. In our experience, it is at the testing stage that up to 80% of all applicants in P&G drop out. That is, an unprepared candidate has the chance to successfully pass these tests 1 to 5. But preparation increases your chances to almost 100% success. So is it worth the risk?

Check out our free test examples or get started right away.

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Answers and explanation of the example tests

Numerical reasoning test in P&G:

This is a very simple test that requires 2 simple calculations:

150*22/15 = 220

The correct answer: 2

numerical reasoning test used in P&G

Verbal reasoning tests:

True-False-Cannot say test:

Verbal reasoning tests

Verbal analysis test:

Verbal reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests:


Abstract reasoning tests

Next in Series:

Abstract reasoning tests

Situational judgement test

Situational judgement test P&G

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