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Rio Tinto: about the company, its employment process, aptitude tests and interviews

The Rio Tinto Company, a mining company, was established in 1873 for the development of ancient copper workings in the Rio Tinto region of Spain. In the middle of the last century, the company’s business interests were very diverse – from the production of cement, chemicals and automobiles to oil and gas production. By the nineties, the group’s activities were focused exclusively on the mining industry and related industries, where it had already acquired a global character. At present, the interests of the concern are focused on the exploration of deposits and the subsequent mining of copper, aluminum, gold and diamonds, silver, nickel, titanium, rare earth metals, coal, and iron ore.

The corporation acquired its modern structure in 1997, when two large joint-stock companies Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Ltd with a single Board of Directors and general management were formed. The headquarters are in London and Melbourne.

Rio Tinto corporation owns mineral reserves in many countries of the world, ranking third in the global mining sector. The group’s assets are mainly concentrated in the USA (42.5%), Australia (40.5%), South America, Africa, and Indonesia. The company employs more than 50 thousand people in 35 countries.

Rio Tinto mining jobs

Employment in Rio Tinto

The corporation’s enterprises are in demand for talents in a variety of areas of geological exploration, technology, business and science. Rio Tinto actively recruits professionals not only in countries of its operation but all over the world. So, if you live in a country far away from offices of the company you are still welcome to apply for a job in Rio Tinto. The company covers most of relocation, education, insurance and other expenditures. In general Rio Tinto ranks in the top mining companies of the world. Many employees of this company confirm high level of company’s HR management and say that this is a good company to work at.

About a half of all 50-thousand staff of Rio Tinto are office workers. The company has a great number of jobs in finance, IT, sales, research, PR and marketing etc, so you can find nearly in every sphere and profession.

Rio Tinto office jobs

The recruitment process at Rio Tinto

The company has a rich arsenal of techniques to ensure a quality hiring process. Various tools are used to assess the intellectual, social and emotional qualities of each candidate. There are five selection rounds, each focusing on one of the aforementioned traits. Applicants interested in jobs at Rio Tinto have the following steps:

  • Online application
  • Online aptitude tests
  • Video interview
  • Online personality tests (situational judgement tests)
  • Final interview

Rio Tinto application process

The job application form on the official Rio Tinto website is pretty simple. In addition to standard personal information, education and work experience, candidates are encouraged to answer several preliminary selection questions. They are usually based on professional knowledge. After the application has been completed, the applicant must attach their resume and cover letter. A week or two after submitting and positive consideration of the application, candidates are invited to take a series of online tests.

Rio Tinto offices

Rio Tinto tests

IQ aptitude tests

You will receive an email with a link to the Rio Tinto website with aptitude tests. You will have 4-5 days to complete the testing. Some psychometric tests may differ from the typical format and be presented as games.

The specific set and number of aptitude tests depends on the job. Three broad categories of competencies – exploration, engineering and business – are assessed on completely different aptitude tests. Candidates may face one or more of the following aptitude tests:

Rio Tinto numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests are an assessment method that tests your ability to work with numerical data. Most of the questions are based on graphs or tables, in which you must quickly find the required data and make 3-4 calculations based on them. All questions come with multiple choice options and a limited response time, usually 1 minute. Below you can see an example of a numerical reasoning test used in Rio Tinto.

numerical reasoning tests

See the end of the article for all correct answers and explanation of each of the examples. First try to find the correct answer by yourself to test your current ability. You have 1 minute for each question.

Read more about numeric reasoning tests of all types in our article Numerical Reasoning Tests: what they are, examples, solutions and tips to pass them

Rio Tinto verbal reasoning tests

The verbal reasoning tests represent a series of short texts in random topics. Some of them may be work-related while others are not. Generally, prior knowledge of the topics described in these texts is not necessary. Verbal reasoning tests help employers to assess your ability to work with new textual information. Each text passage has several multiple-choice questions and a time limit.

Please see below an example of a Rio Tinto verbal reasoning test.

Verbal reasoning test

We recommend that you learn more about verbal reasoning test in our separate article Verbal reasoning tests: what are they and how to pass them.

Rio Tinto abstract reasoning tests

This type of aptitude tests is very common in Rio Tinto and other mining companies to pick candidates for engineering jobs. Abstract reasoning tests represent a set of abstract forms, united by some rule. You will need to understand this rule and choose the answer that matches it. Abstract reasoning tests may have many forms and types, so we recommend you practicing as many questions of this type as you can find. The more your practice the higher you score at the real testing. Below you can see an example of an abstract reasoning test of Rio Tinto.

abstract reasoning tests

This is an example of a medium difficulty test. In real testing, you may also get a more complex abstract reasoning test question. It takes 1 minute to solve this test. For more examples and a description of abstract reasoning tests, see our separate article Abstract reasoning tests: all you want to know about them

Rio Tinto video interview

You are to record the video interview by yourself, i.e. it is not a process of communicating with a live person. Instructions are sent immediately prior to the interview and the questions appear on the screen. The whole process takes about twenty minutes. Most of the questions are directly related to professional competencies.

The results of the candidate’s video interview are summed up with the score on the aptitude test. If the results meet the Rio Tinto criteria, the candidate is admitted to the fourth selection stage – personality tests.

Personality tests

Personality tests allow you to consider the extent to which your behavioral characteristics correspond to the requirements of a particular job, as well as to the general corporate rules of Rio Tinto. Requirements for Rio Tinto candidates are set out in advance. Personality tests usually look at a candidate’s behavior in the workplace and their ability to work under pressure, but some questions may have a more general context.

The Rio Tinto personality test takes about an hour. The tests are detailed and deep enough to provide the company with an objective characterization of the candidate. Rio Tinto’s behavioral tests include:

Situational judgement tests

A situational judgement test or situational behavior tests are used to predict your performance in a future work environment. Situational judgement tests are scenarios depicting stressful situations, conflict, or typical workplace interactions. You must formulate your answer according to the requirements of the scenario. On average, this test includes 10-15 questions.

Below you can see an example of a situational judgement test used in Rio Tinto for office and managerial positions.

Situational judgement test

You will find about 300 situational judgement tests at If you want to get a job in sales, marketing, customer support or management we recommend you taking all of the SJ test on our website. Read more about situational judgement tests in our articles:

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Personality and motivational questionnaire

A personality questionnaire is a series of statements, as well as options for attitudes towards it, i.e. the possibility of showing sympathy or antipathy. The candidate must determine how much he agrees or disagrees with this or that statement. The personality test gives Rio Tinto a clear understanding of the candidate and their social characteristics, work preferences and more.

personality questionnaire example opq32 shl

Final interview

The last interview with Rio Tinto is conducted by representatives of the company’s management. The questions range from professional to personal. The final interview is held at one of Rio Tinto’s main offices and can last anywhere from one to three hours, depending on what Rio Tinto needs from the candidate. Applicants will be informed about the result of the hiring process approximately one week after the final interview.

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Rio Tinto heardquarters

How do I prepare for the Rio Tinto aptitude tests?

Rio Tinto psychometric tests are one of the most difficult parts of the entire selection process, which weeds out up to 40% of candidates. It’s easy to make ridiculous mistakes in them because of stress. It is important to prepare for them practicing such aptitude test before in order to score high.

The most popular and one of the most effective ways to prepare is by using online tests. Practice tests are a great tool because they replicate the test conditions in Rio Tinto. They allow you to master aptitude tests and get a feel for the time limit. You will see your results, which will show how well you can perform in real aptitude tests of Rio Tinto.

It is a little more difficult to prepare for situational judgement tests, because formally there are no right or wrong answers in them. However, Rio Tinto seeks answers that align with the company’s values ​​and their vision of the ideal candidate. Link your responses to the company’s requirements and role description in posting the work, and Rio Tinto’s values:

  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for people and nature
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Excellence in work

Rio Tinto jobs in mining and engineering

Rio Tinto is a great place to work. If you want to land a job in Rio Tinto, we recommend preparing for all stages of the pre-employment selection: resume, aptitude tests and interviews. After 5-6 days of practice you will feel much more confident and score high on your aptitude test and interview. Best luck!

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Numerical reasoning test

numerical reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning test

Verbal reasoning test

Abstract reasoning test

abstract reasoning tests

Situational judgement test

Situational judgement test

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