Your social media through the eyes of a prospective employer: 5 tips from Aptitude-Tests-Practice

Research posted on in January 2019 shows that 71% of employers check candidates’ social media profiles before deciding if this candidate deserves an invitation for a job interview and aptitude tests stage.

Think if your social media profiles show you as a professional?

Meanwhile, according to information from, only 23% of job seekers believe that their social media profiles can help them find a job. Usually these 23% are from finance or professional services, and they use LinkedIn only for professional networking. This proves that candidates have a huge untapped resource for their use.

We live in the era of digital technology, where our life is made visible on our pages in social media. Employers check your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to make the primary impression of you before meeting in person.

Modern social networks are a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, proficiency in your profession and creativity. In this article you will find 5 major tips from HR experts to help you make your social media profiles attractive for any employer.

  1. Grow your social media presence

The first thing that HR agents of employers check is if you are present in social media at all. In 2020 if a person is not in the social media, then he or she does not exist. This is especially relevant for people who portray themselves as professionals in business, finance, marketing, sales, etc. If you write in your resume that you have been a pro in marketing or sales for 15 years, but you have no professional LinkedIn profile, your prospective employer will most likely doubt your expertise.

social media presence

Your SM page can be the right place to communicate with key industry professionals including HR agents and prospective employers. LinkedId, Facebook are an easy tool to create and maintain any relationship that you have created. In social networks, it’s convenient to track the career movements of acquainted people, congratulate them on new appointments and other pleasant events.

  1. The fewer profiles – the better

HR agents recommend closing your unused profiles in social media that you never update. It is better to stay active in only a few key social media so that your SM presence is as consistent as possible. It might be worth considering which platforms are especially important for your career or industry. Employers expect IT professionals to be found on GitHub, while can be useful for professionals in any business.

fewer profiles in sm

  1. Tell me who your friends are and I will say who you are

As social media culture becomes increasingly important in the hiring process, SM profiles can be a great place to show your personality. After all, perhaps we will not have time or opportunity for this during a job interview. Your presence on social media should reflect and present you to a prospective employer no worse than your words at a job interview. Share your impressions of the last book you read or achievements in your favorite hobby but keep in mind that your prospective boss may be checking your posts.

The same refers to the pictures that you post in your social media profile. Some people like posting pictures from parties being drunk but sometimes this can be inappropriate. If you are looking for a job, we recommend you reviewing the pictures in your social media profile and remove pictures that may show you in a negative or non-professional way.

And finally, if you have in your social media friends some well-known people in your industry, this is a great advantage for you in the eyes of a prospective employer. So, at some point of your career it is worth to spend some time hunting for industry celebrities and making them your social media friends.

  1. Share positive posts

People like positive news. That is why cute cats are so popular in social media. Employers and HR agents are people too. So, share positive news and posts on your SM pages to get positive attitude from your prospective employers.

share positive posts in social media

By posting thoughts and ideas about your industry, you show that you are passionate about your career outside of 9-18. If you can share the best practices and opinions, you will demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. You can even get the attention of an employer just trying to keep abreast of the latest developments.

  1. Remove/refrain from negative content or feedback

No one expects you to be positive 24/7. But if you constantly use social media to publish negative or critical information, this can negatively affect your employment. Maintaining balance in your SM, even when discussing problems, will show your resistance to stress and optimism. As we wrote above, people like positive and optimistic posts. If you have a lot of optimistic content on your SM page, you will be more likely to create a positive impression on your prospective boss reviewing your profile.

remove negative posts

Please note: only careful attention to all detail in the process of finding a dream job and building a successful career can guarantee the best result. Be professional in everything. Show it in your social media, in your resume and cover letter, by preparing for your aptitude psychometric tests and at an interview, and luck will always be with you.

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