Abstract Reasoning Tests

Abstract reasoning tests, also known as conceptual reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning or logic reasoning tests, are non-verbal questions that are based on graphic material like abstract shapes and images. Abstract reasoning tests are very popular among most of employers and are used for pre-employment aptitude or psychometric assessments.

Abstract reasoning tests are designed to evaluate your ability to delve into the details, evaluate new data and draw conclusions based on this data.

These qualities are very important for most professions and industries. With the help of this diagrammatic testing, the employer assesses the candidate’s ability to quickly analyze unfamiliar information and find ways to solve the problem based on it.

What are abstract reasoning tests?

Abstract reasoning tests are the tests with the largest variety of types and forms. Usually they show a sequence of 5-10 geometric shapes or a matrix united by some rule or logic. The main question is to find a logical connection between the figures and designate it.

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How to prepare for abstract reasoning tests?

We recommend taking as many practice abstract reasoning tests as possible. Since such tests can have a wide variety of types and questions, and the more practice tests you see and pass, the better result you will have in real testing when applying for a job.

You get:

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