Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical aptitude tests are test questions based on calculations - from basic mathematical and arithmetic to complex numerical problems. A large variety of numerical tests is used to evaluate applicants for different areas of business, positions and roles within different companies. Numerical aptitude tests are always used by employers, as they provide the most objective assessment of a candidate’s ability to analyze digital information and the ability to draw conclusions based on it.

What are numerical reasoning tests?

Most of numerical tests are based on tables, graphs or diagrams and have from 4 to 25 answers choices. All reputable aptitude test developers create numerical reasoning tests. On our website you will find tests SHL-style, Kenexa-style, Talent Q/Korn Ferry-style and others.

These tests may be different. For professions where calculations are needed (engineers, economists, accountants, IT) this will be a more complex test. But numerical aptitude tests are used for nearly all professions. They allow employers to identify the level of attentiveness, concentration, the ability to quickly perform calculations, work with graphs or tables.

How to prepare for numerical reasoning tests?

We recommend focusing on numerical reasoning tests from the following developers: SHL, Talent Q/Korn Ferry, Kenexa, Saville. More than 95% of the largest employers all over the world use these numerical aptitude tests. The tests you find on are tailored to meet the standards from these tests developers.

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