Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests are used by most large companies all over the world. These pre-employment tests are designed to assess your ability to comply with the rules and values of the employer, the ability to communicate and do your work effectively and responsibly. On Aptitude-Tests-Practice, you will find the following types of situational judgement tests:

Tests for managers (for managerial competencies and leadership potential) are designed to assess the following set of abilities that are required at a high level of positions in companies:

Tests for office/administrative positions, sales and customer support departments help employers to understand how creative or stereotyped the thinking of a candidate is, to reveal the level of his creative and analytical abilities and speed of reaction.

What are situational judgement tests?

Situational judgement tests are usually built as short case-like scenarios are designed to simulate a specific work situation in order to understand how you as a candidate for a certain position will handle it. Many candidates for sales positions are often given interview tasks like selling a pen, a notebook or a package of paper clips – such tasks are a kind of situational tests. In situational judgement questions it is important to understand what qualities the employer looks for, and to correctly build a model of behavior in a particular situation. The scenarios of such tests can be to handle a problem with an angry client or a conflict between team members, to check your ability to work with objections, to solve a problem of shortage, theft, etc. The questions of pre-employment SJ tests can be any but your answer must be immediate and clear. Situational judgement tests can be complex and unpredictable, but you can and should prepare for them.

How to prepare for situational judgement tests?

We are proud to offer you a wide choice of pre-employment situational judgement tests for any kind and type of job. After practice at you will be ready to pass SJ tests in any company.

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